Where to eat in Antwerp: De Rooden Hoed

It was one of the romantic days, St. Valentine Day, when my boyfriend wanted to make me familiar with the Belgian kitchen. I didn’t have any idea where we will go and what to expect. So we were wandering through the old gorgeous city of Antwerp, the area which is car-free and filled with restaurants. For tourists it’s a big struggle to make the right decision: all places look inviting.

It was a cold and rainy day, what is actually typical for Antwerp, so we couldn’t enjoy the picturesque view of Handschoenmarkt on the terrace. We entered the restaurant and I was immediately cheerful with the idea of dining indoors. The beautiful hostess received us with a friendly smile and helped us to find the way to the reserved table. The waiters brought us the menus promptly and asked if we knew what we would like to drink. I wondered if I could try one of their Rosés, because I had bad experiences with my favorite wine. Without any hesitation the waiter brought me some rosé for the degustation and it was heavenly good, just the way i like it: fruity, a bit sour and fresh.

The interior of De Rooden Hoed is intimate, cozy and pleasing: the wooden floor, discretely decorated in an old-fashioned, elegant design room with comfortable sofas. It was pretty busy ( not only we wanted to spend the celebration of love in that legendary restaurant ), by the end we needed to wait some time until we could order.

The best tartar that I’ve ever tried, De Rooden Hoed, Antwerp, Belgium

My boyfriend told me that this place is famous for it’s seafood and tartar, so we decided to order it. I ordered tartar and it was the best decision that I’ve ever made. I was served with 250 grams of fresh beef tartar with yolk on top of it. On the side I had crispy fries and a salad with a flavorful dressing. The combination of all three components was divine. Furthermore the portion was descent, I couldn’t finish it all, so I needed a help of my boyfriend and it’s not that I’m eating like a bird.

My boyfriend ordered roast trout with almonds and castle potatoes, which was also done on point: the potatoes were steaming and crisp and the fish was very tender. The flavors and herbs completed the dish, so we could experience some new senses of taste.

Concluding the evening in the delightful De Rooden Hoed, I was very glad and grateful that I could experience something so delicious. So now I love my boyfriend even more, because as we all know love goes through the stomach, it’s not gender biased.


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