The Noon, Mediterranean treasure in medieval Bruges

Bruges is Belgium’s medieval gem with various touristic entertainment possibilities such as shopping, sightseeing, museums and obviously a numerous amount of great restaurants. Sometimes it’s amazing to have a wide range of choices but if you are visiting this magical town just for few days or want to try something extraordinary then it’s not so easy to make a satisfying decision.

Welcome to The Noon!

Where to eat in Bruges

I discovered this magical mediterranean oasis, where time stands still and all your senses are happily engaged. The Noon is the name of this perfect getaway, where with taking the first step into the restaurant you will immerse into a completely different world. The relaxing fragrance, cozy atmosphere and creative decoration will make you feel like home from the very beginning. Just choose your perfect corner on the comfy couch or at one of the lovely tables. It’s possible to come for a energizing coffee and delightful lunch menu or a sumptuous dinner.

The Noon is run by Mona & Philip, a warm and friendly couple and they give this place it’s authentic charm. Mona & Philip combine three exotic and bright cultures: Moroccan, Indian and Belgian. The cultural beauty is reflected in the interpretation of the food: Colorful, healthy and simply delicious! Only seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits are used for every masterpiece on a plate. First I was skeptical about the herbs because mediterranean kitchen has the tendency to exaggerate with unknown penetrant spices but I was positively surprised how discretely it was added to every meal so I could still taste the fullness of the fresh vegetables and juicy meat.

Mint tea and beer served on a silver metal tray

Delicious menu at the Noon

We started our dinner with some mint tea which was served in a beautiful metal silver teapot on a decorated tray. No worries for the alcohol enthusiasts, there is also a variety of lovely wines and Belgian Gold, beer. And then our tasty journey began!

Vegetarian soup with crisp flatbread

Our appetite was awakened with a vegetarian soup composed of fresh in-season vegetables with grilled flatbread covered in moroccan olive oil. We all know vegetable soups are always good for your health and they provide our bodies with the necessary vitamines but this one was additionally incredibly delicious!

Colourful Vegetarian Tagine With Tofu

Our mains were the Vegetarian Tagine with tofu cheese, lightly spiced heritage carrots and marinated haloumi + the Chicken Tagine with preserved lemon and purple olives that were impressively served under a cone shaped lid. Tagine is by the way a traditional moroccan way of slow cooking with a conical shaped lid. This keeps the dishes uniquely moist. Every meal is served with rice or couscous, fresh salad with delicious dressing and pickled reedit radish.

Our eyes became bigger and mouths more watery when we took the lids away and saw the amazing colours: bright yellow, green and black carrots, golden onions and potatoes, orange sweet potatoes and red juicy tomatoes. Three appetizing pieces of chicken, we didn’t wait too long until we tried them. They were succulent and rich in white meat.

Lamb Tagine Berbere

We couldn’t resist to order the Lamb Tagine Berbere on top of it even though the portions are very generous. And we didn’t regret it! It’s not easy to make sumptuous lamb because often it tends to be very dry, but Mona performs magic in the kitchen! The lamb sausages covered in tasty vegetables and mediterranean herbes overcame all our expectations.

The Noon is a great place to eat & spend time in Bruges

The Noon is a very peaceful and enjoyable place, you will doubtlessly lose track of time here. This happened to us, only after 4 hours we realized that it was time to go back home and it’s only because it was already dark outside, we could’ve sat there for much longer. It became my favourite café/restaurant in Bruges to visit and I will definitely recommend it to everyone who loves healthy and delicious food and who is not afraid to be different. Ah, and vegetarians will be definitely spoiled there!

Opening Hours:
Mon – Thu 11:30am – 4pm
Fri -Sat   11:30am – 4pm
               6pm – 11pm 


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  1. Rebecca

    Yum! Mediterainian dishes are to die for! That soup and flat bread!! *drooling*

  2. Liz

    Oooeh.. the food looks delicicious and seems like a great atmosphere. I’ll keep this in mind for the next time I visit Bruge

  3. The food looks amazing. Adding that to my list of ‘go to’ places!

  4. Lamb Tagine Berbere. I am lovin it…

  5. Gentle Hose

    Certainly not as good as it looks. I waited twenty minutes for food to be brought to me. It does not taste so good as I expected the and soup was lukewarm. One of the owners was shouting at a customer. I was not sure what they were talking about but it did not make it easy for me to appreciate my food.

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