Everything started in 2014 when two brothers decided to surprise Wellington with a cafe where modern creativity embraces vintage. Nowadays Crafters & Co is a Wellington hidden pearl located on the corner of the Vivian and Victoria streets behind the colorful graffiti walls. Here it’s all about great vibes and outstanding service. The artistic wooden ceiling, maritime highlights, good music and detailed decoration fill the room with a cozy atmosphere. Moreover it’s a place where you will be spoiled with a choice of craft beers cold like the heart of your ex. And when finally the weather is good in Wellington you can take a seat outside and enjoy your drink under the sunlight. In the near future you can even relax on the rooftop of the bar.

Free Wi-Fi, great!

Ladies, who are not interested in beers can taste refreshing and delicious ciders, from Eddie’s Cider Co micro brewery which is located just next door. The curious ones can even taste samples to personally find out which is more enjoyable. There is also a unique variety of wine and spirits, so no one will have an empty glass.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, In Crafter & Co you can have a beer or two

Crafters & Co is an ideal place to catch up with a friend for a great coffee and delightful food. You can find everything for a small or big hunger, from sweet cookies until juicy burgers, all for a decent price. We had the crispy chicken waffle with baby spinach salad and salt and pepper squid with delightful wasabi mayo and tomato, capsicum and kiwi fruit salad. Both dishes didn’t just look appetizing but tasted excellent. Especially the unexpected combination of a salad on the side of the fried squid left me positively surprised.

Crispy chicken waffle with baby spinach salad

Crispy chicken waffle with baby spinach salad

Another wonder of this bar is that they offer happy hours every day from 4 – 6 pm with 2$ off on tap beer and house wines. So if you want to enjoy your afterwork away from the chaotic city or you just want to have an awesome beer for a lower price then it’s time to visit homely Crafters and Co. You feel like a house party would be a great idea then you can get your favorite take away bottles for 2$ off any day till 10pm.

Salt and pepper squid with wasabi mayo and tomato, capsicum and kiwi fruit salad

I’m looking forward to visit Crafters & Co again to try the seductive beer brownies served with peppermint anglaise and vanilla ice cream. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? So probably we’ll see each other there on a Sunday Sesh, when the happy hour is not just an hour but the whole day!

The cozy interior of the bar