Maastricht, the Netherlands

How to Spend an Awesome One Day in Maastricht

If you want to spend one day in Maastricht here is the perfect list of the things to see in the beautiful town on the souther tip of the Netherlands. Maastricht is one of the oldest medieval cities in Holland that has about 590 listed monuments. It’s very compact so you can explore this little town within 1-2 days.

Streets of Maastricht, the Netherlands
Streets of Maastricht, the Netherlands

Maastricht is also famous for being a university city with a large international student population. It’s also known as a birthplace of the well-known Euro. It has numerous things to offer like great dining, relaxed atmosphere, awesome cafes and delightful shopping. Moreover there are terrific museums and interesting Roman history.

Maastricht in the Netherlands
Maastricht in the Netherlands

Things to See in Maastricht

Het Vrijthof

One of the famous monuments in Maastricht is Vrijthof. It’s a medieval main square. If you visit Maastricht during the Christmas period you will discover a beautiful Christmas market here. Museum aan het Vrijthof was founded in 1973 with the intention to exhibit a huge collection of artworks that used to be owned by a rich couple of The Hague. Nowadays it presents masterpieces of contemporary artists. During the summer Vrijthof is surrounded by trees, cozy cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a drink on the terrace. Adjacent to het Vrijthof is the St. Servatius Basilica, a Romanesque cathedral worth visiting.

St. Peter’s Caves

St. Peter’s Caves is one of the highest spots in Holland. You can have a unique tour through miles of tunnels that were excavated by men through the centuries. The tunnel system is over 80km long. Interesting fact: The cave also served to keep Rembrandt’s famous “Night Watch” painting safe during WWII.

St. Peter’s Fortress

St. Peter’s Fortress was built in the 18th century with the purpose to defend the city from the French. You can access this magnificent 300 year old monument only on a guided tour that takes a bit over an hour. You will see the cannon gallery, underground tunnels and last but not least a breathtaking view from the top. The green surroundings of the fortress are a protected nature reserve.

Top Museums of Maastricht

Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht

Maastricht features various great museums that reflect it’s long history. Here are the best of them that you can’t miss. Museum Kelder Derlon displays archeological artefacts from the time when the Romans maintained garrison in Maastricht. Perfect for a family visit is Maastricht natural History Museum which offers a wide collection of scientific specimens, artefacts and the skull of a prehistoric aquatic lizard, Mosasaurus. It was hiding in the Meuse river for over 7o million years ago. Last but not least check out the Bonnefantenmuseum because of it’s vast collection of objets d’art and a great selection of paintings, statues and installations from the Medieval period to the present day.

The Meuse River Tour in Maastricht

Another great way to explore the little town Maastricht is by joining the Meuse River Tour by boat. Within an hour you can sail through the scenic waters of the Medieval town.

Shopping in Maastricht

Maastricht is a great destination for the shopaholics. It offers numerous amount of amazing boutiques, big brands and many unusual stores. Just walk through the labyrinth of cobble streets around the Wyck district and you will discover plenty of beautiful things.

Restaurant Tips in Maastricht

After a long day of walking and exploring the beautiful historic town you will definitely be hungry for delicious food and you would like to eat in Maastricht. There are numerous great places to have dinner in Maastricht, nevertheless my restaurant tip is to visit Harvey – Kitchen & Bar. This cozy eatery is open for lunch and dinner. It’s a bit out of town but definitely worth a visit. During the summer period you can enjoy drinks and snacks on the terrace.

New Zealand beer “Yeastie boys”

The young owner who has been travelling the world and decided to open his own bar. That’s why you will find an outstanding menu with the modern cuisine. Beer lovers will be spoiled: There is a great variety of Belgian beers and even awesome New Zealand beers. The staff is very friendly and helpful if you need any advice on what to order.

Burger in Harvey - Kitchen & Bar, Maastricht
Burger in Harvey – Kitchen & Bar, Maastricht

We went for the BBQ Wild Chicken & New York Beef Burgers with fresh orange juice and a “Yeastie Boys” New Zealand Beer. My boyfriend was extremely happy because he didn’t expect to find New Zealand beer in Europe. Our portions were big and sumptuous with tasty fries on the side. Enjoyed every bite of it! So if you want to eat burgers in Maastricht don’t miss Harvey – Kitchen & Bar!

ONE DAY IN Maastricht
ONE DAY IN Maastricht

Where to stay in Maastricht

There are numerous of hotels in Maastricht but we were staying at EasyHotel Maastricht in the city centre. It’s an amazing to stay for 1 night. It offers free Wi-Fi, clean and tidy little rooms with very comfortable beds, a big flat screen TV and a private bathroom. Hotel also has 24-hour front desk with very friendly staff. It’s definitely an ideal place for budget travellers who want to stay in the heart of Maastricht.

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  1. Those are great pics! I’d love to see Netherlands one day💕

  2. If I think of Netherlands, Maastricht is the last city that comes to my mind to visit, but you made me change my mind!

    • karel

      You will be surprised, they come from all over Holland to visit this beautiful smaal, cosy city!

  3. I have never been to the Netherlands but it’s definitely on my wish list. This city looks adorable, beautiful architecture.

  4. Kristen Frolich

    A lot of my friends have raved about their trip to the Netherlands. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. The pictures are great!

  5. I can’t believe I was in that same town 15 years ago! Thank you so much for sharing these, so many great memories came flowing down!

  6. Maastricht is such a lovely place! I love your clicks, I hop I get to visit Neitherland sometime soon!

  7. What an awesome place! I’m a sucker for old towns and historical buildings. Gets me curious about the history and story of the buildings and people back in the day. Your meal looks so delicious by the way 😊

  8. It looks like you had a great trip! It looks like you packed plenty into the day that you were there 😀

  9. This place looks amazing a rich with history! Three of my favorite things to do are eat, visit museums and shop! I will have to put this on my bucket list.

  10. So many museums and history! What an amazing place to visit! I will have to add Maastricht to my list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing!

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  13. Awesome place, awesome pics, and an awesome post. I’d love to live here forever

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    Such a beautiful city! I can’t wait to visit the Netherlands someday!

  15. Such beautiful pictures! I would love to visit this place! I’m always looking for historic places to add to my bucket list!

  16. Now this is happening sooner than later, I have been fantasizing about Maastricht now I had a chance to go while I was n Amsterdam and Zaandam but like everything, you can plan and plan and things fall through. So back on the list, it goes.

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    You left out the cathedral bookstore!

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