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Airline Review: Air New Zealand’s Economy Class Service

In the airline passenger review section I write and share my personal review of the specific airline. Air New Zealand is the national airline of (what a surprise) New Zealand with their base in Auckland (Here are tips what you should definitely see if you are in Auckland) It operates on a global network that provides services from as well as within New Zealand to various locations like Australia, the South West Pacific, Asia, North America, South America and the United Kingdom. In 2016 Air New Zealand was crowned best airline in the world for the fourth time in a row. And it has good reasons to be so great! It’s not the cheapest air company but occasuanaly they have great and affordable deals.


Cabin at Air New Zealand

I flew with Air New Zealand Economy Class within New Zealand several times and every single time it was a pleasure. The planes offer plenty of space and comfortable, modern seating. Nevertheless it makes sense to offer a magnanimous area for kiwis, they are famous for being more voluptuous.  On the domestic flight we were not provided with screens on every chair but instead there were visual aides that showed a little quiz. I’m sure on the longer flights there are plenty of entertaining features for every guest.

Customer service

I’ve never been disappointed with the customer service while flying with Air New Zealand. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Te efficiency of the flight attendants and the rest of the crew make sure that everything happens promptly.


Snack at the domestic flight

I was positively surprised that Air New Zealand still provides with complimentary drinks and snacks even on short flights. I’m very happy that they still uphold standards from the past and serve great coffee and delicious cookies. Additionally they provide you with delicious candies shortly before landing to relieve the pressure in your ears.


Jetstar is a low-cost Australian airline which is based in Melbourne. It’s a part of Qantas Airways allowing you to have various flights within Australasia. It means the airline provides domestic and international services.

There are different experiences with Jetstar, I had a good one though. I had a domestic flight from Auckland to Wellington in New Zealand and was satisfied with the service and comfort in economy class. My advice, be sure to include your luggage when you book a ticket. Additionally you will get a selection of meals or snacks even on the short distance flights.


Seats of Jetstar

Seats in one of the Jetstar’s plane

The inner area of the plane is spacious and the seats were comfortable and very wide in comparison to Asian and even European airlines. The dark colours of the interior were not very appealing but I could handle it on my 1 hour flight. You can also book extra legroom seats, which in my opinion is ridiculous. Everyone should get a sufficient amount of leg space and be treated with dignity.

Customer service

Jetstar staff

Jetstar staff

We were welcomed onboard by the friendly smiles of the flight attendants. Inflight service was offering various drinks and snacks for an acceptable expense, considering the usual airline prices. Nevertheless I have heard some negative experiences with the Australian branch of Jetstar.


There are no entertainment options facilitated on the short distance flights. If you are planing to have a longer flight you are able to pre-purchase some inflight time-killers, which includes movies, TV, games and music. That should be done directly while booking a ticket, so no spontaneous decisions.


Bacon and cheese toasty

Bacon and cheese toasty

On our flight we had a decent-sized bacon and cheese toasty and a beef pie. On top of that we could choose a drink. The taste of the food was alright, we couldn’t complain. So all in one everything was fine.

Beef pie

Beef pie

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Flight Review: Why is it Always Great to Fly with SriLankan Airlines

In the airline review I write and share my personal experience of the following airline. I experienced Sri Lankan Airlines on my way to Colombo, Sri Lanka from Frankfurt Airport, Germany. I’ve never flown with this low cost airline company before, that’s why I was suspicious. My doubts started to fade a bit when I saw the stewardesses pass me by towards the gate in their beautiful Sri Lankan dresses in bright peacock colours as their uniform. Check-in and boarding all went very smoothly and before I knew it I was on the airplane.

Cabin of Sri Lankan Airlines

I was flying in the 2-4-2 seated airplane mainly decorated with eye-catching turquoise colours. Every seat had a screen with different forms of entertainment. The legroom was manageable but could be more spacious, especially when you are flying long distance. Nevertheless everything was tidy and everyone was provided with blankets, headsets and pillows.

Customer service of Sri Lankan Airlines

The staff was amazing: very friendly and helpful. Me and my partner landed in the middle section, but we hoped that there would be space in the 2-seated aisle next to the window. We asked one of the attendants if there were seats available for us. Unfortunately there were no spare seats, so she asked a lonely traveler to switch places with us. He didn’t mind and we were happy to spend the following 10 hours with just the 2 of us.


As I already mentioned there was a screen for every passenger, on which you could choose from numerous entertaining programs, satisfying anyone’s taste. There were various movies old and new, fun little games and puzzles, music, documentaries and you can even see through the pilots eyes and the airplane’s belly with the help of installed cameras.

Food on the airplane

There was plenty of food and drinks available during the entire flight. You were able to take your pick from a wide spectrum of non-alcoholic and alcoholic liquids. We were served with 2 main courses of Sri Lankan cuisine, which were surprisingly fulfilling and very delicious.

Sri Lankan Airlines

Low Cost Airline Review: Airline Air Asia

Air Asia airline is the cheapest flight company that you can use within the Asia Pacific. It’s great to use for  short distances around 5 hours but for longer flights it’s not worth saving money over. As I already mentioned Air Asia offers low price flights, that’s why you shouldn’t expect too much comfort or amazing service.

Cabin of Air Asia airline

The inside of the plane has a grey and red colour scheme which is not the most appealing colour combination. It’s equipped with the most basic of airline comfort, there are no measures of entertainment provided. The seats are pretty soft but when they are in the upright position it feels unnatural, as if you’re being pushed by a plank of wood. Still you have enough space for your feet.

Air Asia, cabin

The cleanliness of the airplane will be a surprise every time you fly with Air Asia. The seats are old and dirty, tray tables can still contain stains.

Customer service of Air Asia airline

If you travel with the larger luggage don’t forget to add the weight to your ticket, otherwise it can be very pricy. Very important to know the exact weight that you are allowed to take, if you have more than you’re supposed to take you will have two options left: To take some clothes out of your suitcase and carry it as a hand luggage or pay a crazy amount of money. The Air Asia personal is afraid to do anything wrong because otherwise they need to pay a fine.

Air Asia, flight attendants

The flight attendants are very friendly and polite, nevertheless the service is not professional and very chaotic. You need to pay for everything on the plane, at least you prebook extra weight for you luggage, that also includes a meal with water. The company even tries to prohibit you from bringing your own food on board.

Food on the Airplane

Air Asia, food

Air Asia offers various snacks and drinks for an affordable price on the plane. The coffee is actually better then most I’ve drunk during any other flights. The main courses are edible but it’s not deluxe kitchen. Let’s say it will calm down your hunger for the next couple of hours.

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