Wu Wei, Sauna in Kortrijk

Amazing Wellness & Spa Hotel in Belgium, Wu Wei in Kortrijk

Wu Wei Wellness Hotel, Kortrijk

Belgium offers numerous amounts of wellness hotels, spa experiences and outdoor saunas. Nevertheless to find one which would satisfy all your wishes, let you have the ideal relaxed weekend getaway and also won’t cost you a fortune is definitely not so easy. Believe me, I’ve been there. Sometimes renting some private sauna in Belgium cost so much just for few hours that it’s cheaper to have holidays abroad. My exaggeration is not far from reality but let me introduce you to the amazing wellness hotel in Kortrijk, Wu Wei.

Room at Spa Wellness Hotel, Wu Wei
Room at Spa Wellness Hotel, Wu Wei

We wanted to have a romantic getaway in Belgium and got the chance to stay at the modern 4-star wellness hotel Wu Wei. “Wu Wei” means the art of non-doing and life to the rhythm of things by the way. And this is definitely a little paradise oasis where time stops and you feel like you are not in Belgium anymore. Isn’t it something that we all want to have sometimes? Just to escape from reality and be far from our daily routine.

Wu Wei is a day Spa and wellness hotel which is located just 10 minute walk away from the train station in Kortkrijk. There is also a free parking spot in case you’d decide to come by car. The architecture of the old industrial building is based on the idea of the simple, the clear with calm colours and plenty of light. It reminds me of Scandinavian modesty and basic design with wooden elements. The rooms in the hotel are spacious with oak parquet floors and equipped with all necessities, free Wi-Fi and toiletries. In the beginning it might feel a bit empty but after some time you start to appreciate these minimalistic elements because your mind doesn’t get distracted and you can fully relax.

Wu Wei Hotel Room, Belgium
Wu Wei Hotel Room, Belgium

The best part of Wu Wei hotel is it’s impressive spa area with outdoor swimming pool at 32 degrees, Canadian sauna at 80 degrees, outdoor Finnish sauna at 89 degrees and traditional 3 room Hammam. Just bring your towels, slippers and swimsuit to be able to access the area. You can also rent it at the hotel for a small price. We we’re staying over night at Wu Wei hotel that’s why we could find all essentials in our room.

Cafeteria at Wu Wei Hotel, Kortrijk
Cafeteria at Wu Wei Hotel, Kortrijk

In my opinion Wu Wei wellness hotel is a perfect combination of tranquillity, water and greenery. The various relaxing rooms with wood fires and dimmed light let you experience relaxation to it’s purest. There is also an interesting shower that will bring you to life in 4 different ways: With warm, cold, hard and soft water streams. Great experience! There is also salt scrub in the showers that everyone can use.

Wu Wei, Kortrijk, Canadian Sauan relax area
Wu Wei, Kortrijk, Canadian Sauna relax area

On the rooftop terrace it is possible to book a private spa with plunge pool, hot water bath, another sauna and relaxing room. In case it’s not booked you can also access and use it from the public spa. This is what we did because we were visiting during the weekdays. The wellness hotel was pretty empty, lucky us!

Last but not least there is a cafeteria with essential drinkable water which is gratis. This is very important to stay hydrated after all the healthy sweating in the saunas. It is also possible to order delicious snacks and soup which are served on beautiful wooden plates. In the evening after 6pm we were able to order a delicious and healthy dinner from the restaurant.

Wu Wei Wellness Hotel, Kortrijk
Wu Wei Wellness Hotel, Kortrijk

We wanted to accomplish our magical spa break with one of the treatments that Wu Wei offers. There is an extensive range of massages but we decided to book duo treatment of the back to relax our muscle tissues. Did you know that massage therapy has health benefits like reduction of pain caused by tight muscles, it can improve sleep and even increase endorphins levels. The duo treatment was performed by one person. I would prefer to be massaged separately so there wouldn’t be any waiting time in between but of course I was covered in scrub for some time. It was a good experience though!

Breakfast at Wu Wei Hotel, Belgium
Breakfast at Wu Wei Hotel, Belgium

All in one I can say that we found our perfect spa wellness in Belgium, Wu Wei in Kortrijk. Everything is just lovely there, tranquil atmosphere and cozy surroundings. In the morning we had a simple breakfast and could enjoy another day in the idyllic and peaceful spa.

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  1. This looks like a very nice place!

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  3. Katherine

    Thanks for this insight on wellness hotel
    It looks really comfortable

  4. The hotel looks lovely. I know you had a great time. I just feel like going on a vacation now.

  5. Pia

    You must have had a lovely vacation. Your mind and body both must have been rejuvenated. Lucky you, not everyone gets to have such relaxing vacations.

  6. Perfect location for self-care. Liked it.

  7. I would love to visit Belgium and this hotel looks gorgeous! I like that they call it the Canadian sauna!

  8. Elizabeth O

    This seems like a perfect place to relax and be carefree. The place looks peaceful and comfortable . I love that it is surrounded with plenty of greens.

  9. Alexandra Cook

    Been to Belgium before and never seen this hotel but that looks very vibrant to relax and unwind. Looks like you had a great time there!

  10. This spa looks beautiful! My bf and I love going together, maybe we should take a trip to Belgium 🙂

  11. Dalene Ekirapa

    Sometimes, all we need is a good break! I would love to be at Wu Wei Wellnes spa too; the warm atmosphere makes it just perfect for unwinding.

  12. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for sharing about this place.
    Never knew about this before.
    Happy blogging!

  13. Looks like a perfect place to spend a weekend. The spa is gorgeous!

  14. Divine! I went to Belgium, but didn’t get to stay in a wellness hotel. Thanks for sharing the inside scoop!!!

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  19. Neil Alvin

    Wow! I would love to visit that place soon

  20. Everything looks amazing <3 especially the food and the ambiance !! thanks for sharing

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  22. Spas are so amazing, and helps the mind body and soul. This one totally looks like it does some great healing.

  23. blair villanueva

    Each time I travel, I make sure I visit a day spa. This wellness spa is something that I would be thrilled to add in my spa travel list! Thanks 😀

  24. This place looks fantastic, thanks for sharing!

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