If you are searching for the authentic personal travel blog with tips and advices how you can travel better then you have found a perfect blog for that! Nowadays travel blogs are the best source to provide curious explorers with beautiful destinations and awesome ideas for the coming trip. So my name is Kate and my affinity is traveling.


 People start travel blogs for many different reasons. I wanted to share my experiences, travel tips from all over the world, packing guides and photography with all other people who are addicted to explore the planet earth. In my one of the female travel blogs “Elysian Moment” you will find adventure travel, interesting budget and luxury travel that I update on the regular basis. My intention is also to inspire travellers to visit new places and show them how easy it can be. It has been a solo traveller blog in the beginning but now I write more about trips for couples and families with kids.

You’ve probably heard many times that travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. I completely agree with that, because it helps you to get out of your comfort zone and start to grow personally. Additionally life is too short to spend it in one place.

If you have an awesome idea to share or you simply want to talk to me then just use Contact me details!