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Review of Affordable Keyword Search Tool, Keysearch

Every blogger knows that it doesn’t matter how great and interesting your article is if you don’t use specific keywords no-one will ever find your work. Nevertheless it’s not magic to find great keywords to help you rank on search engines for example like Google. It’s all about technique, strategy and great tools that will make it all easier. In my review I will introduce you to my favourite affordable keyword competition tool, Keysearch. It’s a guide to finding perfect competitor keywords. You should definitely go through my article about SEO and How to Rank On Page 1 of Google to learn more about the strategies.

What is a Target Keyword?

In order to get more page views and visitors for your content, you should find great target keywords that have a high search volume and low competition. You should also write high-quality and useful posts based on the keywords. But did you know that good, ranked keyword is often a phrase and not just a single word? Because longer and more specific search phrases give you an opportunity to attract the right kind of reader who will also stay longer on your site.

Finding right Keywords with Keysearch

It’s very simple to use Keysearch, furthermore they provide you with videos where they explain every step. To find the right keywords type in the chosen phrase into the keyword analysis search bar. Choose your location or like I always do it jus leave “all locations”. Hit “Search” button.

Affordable Keyword Search Tool, Keysearch
Affordable Keyword Search Tool, Keysearch

You can filter your results the way you want to. I prefer to see the best score first. Some bloggers prefer to organise the results via volume. The higher the volume, the better. The score shows you how difficult it will be to rank the keywords, how hard the competitiveness is. Red means difficult, amber would be still tough and green is possible. The aim is to find a keyword that is low in difficulty and high in volume.

Keyword Search Tool, Keysearch
Keyword Search Tool, Keysearch

If you find a key phrase with the score under 20 then use it immediately! These words are very hard to find and they will bring a good traffic to your website.

Check the Competition

Keysearch, Keyword Tool
Keysearch, Keyword Tool

Keysearch will show you the top 10 competing URLs and a list of related keywords. First check if there are sites with lower DA then yours. Good chance to rank higher if they are not using the keywords in the URL, description and title. It means you have a chance of competing to rank on page 1 of Google.

Keysearch does cost a small amount but it will make your blogger life so much easier. It’s definitely the method I’ve chosen to use and I will recommend it.


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  1. does keysearch work in the blog titles? Like, if I did a dublin post, would i want the key words as my title or sub-title?

    • Kate

      The keywords in the titles and subtitles are the most crucial thing for the online article if you want search engines to find you.

  2. So glad you wrote this as I am striving to get better at my keywords. Questions I had before are now answered. I would love to pick your brain further mind if I email ya?

  3. Elizabeth O

    This is a really informative and helpful post for all the bloggers. Keywords finding is so hectic job. Checking out the link

  4. Jen

    This sounds interesting. I am a rookie blogger and didn’t realize it was so important to get the right phrases out there. Thanks for sharing this information, depending on the cost I might just consider buying this. Thanks

  5. What a neat service! Thanks for sharing this – this is definitely useful for me to use as a blogger. It’s amazing how much goes into blogging, and all the ways you can optimize your blog.

  6. Thank you for sharing this is something I need to focus on more, have bookmarked it to come back to

  7. You are so right! After I started studying keywords my metrics soon changed in the best direction. In Italy we use a lot seozoom.

    • Kate

      Oh, that’s interesting! What a shame that it’s only in Italian, would love to check it out.

  8. i will definitely check this one out. i know i need to work some more on my SEO so thank you for this post

  9. I didn’t know about this. Thanks for giving us a guide on how to do this tool!

  10. Very helpful, thanks! I tend to forget about keywords.

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