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Do you also know that confusion when you see the prices of Airport Transfer and Taxi services? Especially in some occasions when the airport is pretty far and it might take you up to 2 hours to reach it. Furthermore it’s not always convenient to get to the airport especially if it’s in the early morning and you’re travelling with a child. Other way around it might work the same way: You’ve been on the plane for hours and don’t want to spend another x-amount of time on public transport. So great news, I found a family friendly airport transfer service with comfortable vehicles and the lowest prices, Easy Transport! You’ll be surprised!

I was traveling from our home to Charleroi Airport near Brussels with my partner and our little baby boy in the early morning to travel to Sardinia. I decided to book an airport transfer with Easy Transport door to door. I booked it quickly online 2 weeks before our trip and it cost me only 90€! The standard prices with every taxi would be around 180€, so twice as more! Imagine if you are travelling with a group of people, let’s say 4-5 of you. It would be cheaper than taking a train to the airport.

I received a message on my phone one day before the pick up asking me to confirm the address and my booking. The driver was very punctual and helped us with the luggage. He was a great driver: Not making any sudden turns, not rushing but driving very smoothly and following all the traffic rules. Also the car was spacious, clean and it even smelled very good inside. A baby seat was also provided, which was perfect for our little one. We arrived happily at our destination on time and without any superfluous hassle.

How to book an Airport Transfer with Easy Transport

First of all it’s very easy to book the Airport Transfer to Charleroi Airport with Easy Transport online. Go to their website and click on the category “booking”. Afterwards choose to which airport you would like to be transferred to. After that you pick a date and what kind of transfer you would prefer. There will be few questions regarding the flight number and a time that you would like to be picked up. And last but not least the names of the passengers, address, phone number and payment method are doubtlessly also crucial. Prices are made clear and are finalised during the booking process, so no hidden costs. There is also a column where you can write special information that you would like to share. After that you will receive a confirmation email. Easy, right?

How to book airport transfer with easy transport
How to book airport transfer with easy transport

If you need to use Airport transfers services more often you can become a member of ET Discount Club. So you can save some money on all kind of journeys and enjoy VIP transfer for lower prices. It only costs 30€ for the whole year.

Important to mention that if you pay cash but for some reasons you decide to cancel your booking then it can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the transfer’s departure. So all in one it’s a great way to get to your destination in a relaxed, reliable but also affordable way. I will definitely recommend Easy Transport to everyone!


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  1. That is so neat! I think transport to and from the airport has always been the hardest part of travel for me. Lining everything up and making sure it’s great and affordable.

  2. Easy Transport sound great! I just have to save enough money for a trip abroad first. But this sounds like something I might use

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I am recommending this service to my brother. He is a frequently flyer, and as much as he would love to take the cab, it costs too much. I think these transfers would be more practical and economical.

  4. I had no idea this was even an option. I just book and basically run around the airport like a crazy madwomen.

  5. Gill Trotman

    My family and I actually just got back from being overseas in Italy and I have to say this would have helped us out a ton and saved us even more! We waited for a taxi for an hour after our 11 hour flight, and the worst part was my whole family didn’t fit in the taxi and my wife and I ended up waiting more. It was a great trip overall, but if I could eliminate that from my next trip with Easy Transport, I will!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Great to know about Easy Transport. I would want to find out what other areas they service. My cousin travels a lot and maybe he would be interested to take advantage of this.

  7. Easy Transportsounds great especially for travelers like me When I’m planning to go travels I’ve always look hotel near the airport to avoid any loss and I would love to check on this thanks for this!

  8. Wow!! easy transport for travelers is must and important for everyone. It sounds great to know about things that could be helpful for a traveler

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