Things to know before visiting Australia: Essential items for Travelling Packing List to Australia

Thinking what to include into your travelling packing list to Australia is very important. The hardest challenge to apply for the work and travel visa and book tickets to Down Under is done, another delicate task is packing. It seems to be complex to put all necessary items in one backpack or suitcase but believe me it’s easier than it seems to be. The good news: half of the things that you planned to take, you can leave behind. Furthermore you are going to a beautiful country with various shopping opportunities.

Essential Things to Take to Australia

  • Visa printed out
  • Bank statement, especially if you have a one way ticket
  • Credit card
  • Cash
  • Passport
  • Mobile phone
  • Driving License and ID (in Australia authorities are very strict with foreign ID’s, you should always have your passport or ID+driving license with you to enter a club)

Suitcase or backpack?

It definitely depends on your travel taste. There is no obvious answer to this question because both suitcase and backpack have their own pros and contras. In my opinion a suitcase is a benefit: You don’t have to put it on your back, it’s cheaper than a good backpack, you can find what you are searching for in a suitcase faster than if you would use a backpack. Furthermore I’ve never had a situation where I would struggle to pull my bag.

If you feel like you want to be a real backpacker and nothing will change your mind to get an adventurous backpack, then get a qualitative 60 liters one.

Backpacking Packing List: Electronics

Essential Things to Take to Australia

  • Laptop
  • A good camera, if you want to act like a pro
  • Australian two pin adaptor for your chargers
  • Power bank
  • For a perfect soundtrack for an adventure, my personal favourite speaker Libratone
  • Head Phones
  • Go Pro and waterproof case
  • Little extra for girls: Hair straightener
  • MP3 Player
  • Torch

Travel Essentials: Toiletteries

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo, you can also use it as a shower gel
  • The sun is very aggressive in Australia, take a very good sunscreen with 50 SPF
  • Hairbrush
  • Razors
  • Travel, fast dry towel
  • First Aid medication
  • Moisturizer, lip balm or coconut oil, it’s perfect for everything
  • Cotton wool, cotton sticks
  • Make-up ( basics )
  • Make-up remover
  • Deodorant, parfume
  • Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Your own medicine

For planning your travelling packing list to Australia it’s important to consider the time of the year that you’ll be traveling. The winter in Down Under starts in July and the summer in January. I would suggest you to chase after the sun, it means to travel along the east coast for example when it starts to get chilly in the South. The result: you won’t need to pack a lot of winter clothes. Australia has numerous possibilities to experience it’s nature, that’s why there is no need to take any precious or very expensive clothes.


  • Sport shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Sandals, casual shoes
  • Dress shoes

Beach, please!

  • Sunhat
  • Sun glasses
  • Towel to lay on the sand
  • 2 Bikinis
  • If you want to learn surfing, bring 1 monokini
  • 2 shorts
  • A few T-shirts
  • 2 skirts and dresses
  • A dry bag where you can put your phone, camera so you can go kayaking

Other Backpacking Essentials for Australia Packing List

    • Sleeping bag
    • If you smoke cigarettes take some with you,  because in Australia it’s extremely expensive + lighter
    • 2 pullovers
    • 2 long pants
    • 5 pairs of socks
    • 3 bras ( black, white, colorful ) + panties
    • tights
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Travel umbrella
  • Sleep wear (you are going to spend a lot of time in share apartments and hostels)

This is the list based on my personal experience of packing for Australia for a year. If you would like to share your opinion or suggestion regarding this packing list, feel free to do so! Together we can build the ideal traveling support for future conquerers of Australia.


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  1. Rachel


    My biggest regret whilst packing was not bringing more winter clothes! It gets cold, so I would defiantly pack jeans and a jacket! I also regretted not bringing more fashionable city appropriate clothes i.e a pretty silk shirt.

    I took a suitcase, when my year was over a sent it back home and brought a backpack in n Australia to travel around Asia,

    • Kate

      Dear Rachel, thank you very much for your feedback! I think you probably can’t be 100% prepared for every situation in Australia, because you can’t predict where you will go next, this an adventure! I had for ex. too many fancy clothes but I’ve been traveling more on the East coast, so it was always hot and sunny. Furthermore buying proper clothes in Australia is even cheaper than in Europe. But deciding to get a backpack for Asia is doubtlessly the best idea!

  2. Pippa

    Hey I would bother with the sleeping bag I took a silk ome with me and only used it outside of aus! Jeans are a must and a hoody too. jeans are great to travel in and if yoir out in the city even in the summer you will see even the locals In jeans whilst out on a night out! Yes the north is warmer but most settle in the south Sydney Melbourne Perth ect. Even in Brisbane you’ll want your jeans! It is true though shops are easy to come by and would take what you need for that season and buy what you need whilst out there Happy travels

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