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Important Things to Know Before Travelling to New Zealand

So, you are planning your trip to New Zealand, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Before you start packing for New Zealand there are things to know before travelling to New Zealand. Unfortunately not everything is wonderful in the land of hobbits: the mood of the weather can change in an instant. You may experience all four seasons within 24 hours, that’s why you should think about your packing list really carefully. There are some travel essentials for New Zealand, that you doubtlessly need to take with you to be prepared for every scenario and enjoy the fantastic time in NZ’s wonderland!

Paperwork: New Zealand Visa

Very important is to take your Visa, Passport, Credit card and ID with you. New Zealand authorities are very strict with the identification of foreigners. They won’t accept driver’s licenses everywhere, especially if you would like to drink alcohol in one of the places, like a vineyard for example.

New Zealand Travel Tips: Dangerous Sun

Things to Know Before Travelling to New Zealand

Things to Know Before Travelling to New Zealand

One of the most important New Zealand tips is going to involve the dangerous sun. The sun in New Zealand is very bright and dangerous for your skin, because of the ozone layer, that’s why it’s essential to use sunscreen with a minimum factor of 30. You should put it on your skin even if it doesn’t feel so hot. Afterwards it’s important to use some moisturizerSunglasses and hats will be your best friends in New Zealand too.

Packing fo New Zealand: Rain Gear

It can rain non stop in New Zealand, be prepared!

It can rain non stop in New Zealand, be prepared!

As I already mentioned the weather in New Zealand can be very changeable. So if you are packing for New Zealand you should definitely take super waterproof thick jacket with you. It’s very windy on the other side of the planet and umbrellas are pointless. They will just break or worse, even poke someone in the eye. I’m sure you want your travel buddies to see the picturesque views of New Zealand with their own eyes.

Things To Pack when Travelling: Comfortable Clothes

Crucial things to pack for a trip are comfortable footwear and clothes. New Zealand is a wonderland, where you will wander around with big surprised eyes, full with the tears of joy. Ok, let’s not exaggerate but you will definitely walk a lot there, that’s why you need a good pair of trainers or walking shoes and comfortable, flexible long and short pants for activities. Sport underwear for girls is also an amazing choice to make your journey easier.

Wear comfortable clothes to explore the surroundings

Wear comfortable clothes to explore the surroundings

What You Must Pack for New Zealand

Travel essential for New Zealand is doubtlessly are electronics. In New Zealand you will see the diverse mix of natural beauty, that’s why it’s important to capture it on a good camera. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to look at the pictures 10-20 years later and think what a rebel you were. Electronic chargers, laptop, power bank, adaptors (the same like in Australia), speaker will be your second best friends after the great people of New Zealand.

What to wear in New Zealand: Infinite Layers

I warned you in the beginning about the moody and unpredictable weather in New Zealand. So my travel packing tip for New Zealand is to take a bit of summer clothes, swimwear, flip flops but also shirts with long sleeves and warm socks to keep your body temperature stable during the cold nights. In general it’s just practical to wear an infinite amount of layers, so you can also save some space in your backpack or suitcase.

What to Pack for Backpacking in New Zealand

In general you will obviously need a bit of money, because New Zealand is an expensive country. Your budget should depend on what kind of activities you would like to experience and how long you want to stay in the land of hobbits. Another tip take some bug protection with you, it will save your skin from annoying itchiness. If you forgot to take one with you, definitely get 2B Natural Insect Repellent. It’s a product of New Zealand, made by locals out of organic oils. It will protect your skin like nothing else, trust me! Don’t wait too long and have a date with adventure!

Things to know before visiting Australia: Essential items for Travelling Packing List to Australia

Thinking what to include into your travelling packing list to Australia is very important. The hardest challenge to apply for the work and travel visa and book tickets to Down Under is done, another delicate task is packing. It seems to be complex to put all necessary items in one backpack or suitcase but believe me it’s easier than it seems to be. The good news: half of the things that you planned to take, you can leave behind. Furthermore you are going to a beautiful country with various shopping opportunities.

Essential Things to Take to Australia

  • Visa printed out
  • Bank statement, especially if you have a one way ticket
  • Credit card
  • Cash
  • Passport
  • Mobile phone
  • Driving License and ID (in Australia authorities are very strict with foreign ID’s, you should always have your passport or ID+driving license with you to enter a club)

Suitcase or backpack?

It definitely depends on your travel taste. There is no obvious answer to this question because both suitcase and backpack have their own pros and contras. In my opinion a suitcase is a benefit: You don’t have to put it on your back, it’s cheaper than a good backpack, you can find what you are searching for in a suitcase faster than if you would use a backpack. Furthermore I’ve never had a situation where I would struggle to pull my bag.

If you feel like you want to be a real backpacker and nothing will change your mind to get an adventurous backpack, then get a qualitative 60 liters one.

Backpacking Packing List: Electronics

Essential Things to Take to Australia

  • Laptop
  • A good camera, if you want to act like a pro
  • Australian two pin adaptor for your chargers
  • Power bank
  • For a perfect soundtrack for an adventure, my personal favourite speaker Libratone
  • Head Phones
  • Go Pro and waterproof case
  • Little extra for girls: Hair straightener
  • MP3 Player
  • Torch

Travel Essentials: Toiletteries

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo, you can also use it as a shower gel
  • The sun is very aggressive in Australia, take a very good sunscreen with 50 SPF
  • Hairbrush
  • Razors
  • Travel, fast dry towel
  • First Aid medication
  • Moisturizer, lip balm or coconut oil, it’s perfect for everything
  • Cotton wool, cotton sticks
  • Make-up ( basics )
  • Make-up remover
  • Deodorant, parfume
  • Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Your own medicine

For planning your travelling packing list to Australia it’s important to consider the time of the year that you’ll be traveling. The winter in Down Under starts in July and the summer in January. I would suggest you to chase after the sun, it means to travel along the east coast for example when it starts to get chilly in the South. The result: you won’t need to pack a lot of winter clothes. Australia has numerous possibilities to experience it’s nature, that’s why there is no need to take any precious or very expensive clothes.


  • Sport shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Sandals, casual shoes
  • Dress shoes

Beach, please!

  • Sunhat
  • Sun glasses
  • Towel to lay on the sand
  • 2 Bikinis
  • If you want to learn surfing, bring 1 monokini
  • 2 shorts
  • A few T-shirts
  • 2 skirts and dresses
  • A dry bag where you can put your phone, camera so you can go kayaking

Other Backpacking Essentials for Australia Packing List

    • Sleeping bag
    • If you smoke cigarettes take some with you,  because in Australia it’s extremely expensive + lighter
    • 2 pullovers
    • 2 long pants
    • 5 pairs of socks
    • 3 bras ( black, white, colorful ) + panties
    • tights
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Travel umbrella
  • Sleep wear (you are going to spend a lot of time in share apartments and hostels)

This is the list based on my personal experience of packing for Australia for a year. If you would like to share your opinion or suggestion regarding this packing list, feel free to do so! Together we can build the ideal traveling support for future conquerers of Australia.

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The Ultimate Weekend Travel Packing List

What can be better than a spontaneous escape for a weekend from your life full of routine? First you need to go through your ultimate weekend packing list for a perfect getaway. Just fetch your bag and head up to the path of the short city adventure!

For some people packing is a pre-play for a great vacation for others it’s torture, because you would like to bring enough things matching to all kinds of scenarios. I believe there is nothing impossible and the key to success is tactical packing.

Essentials for Your Weekend Travel Packing List

Packing list for vacation, essentials

Packing list for vacation, essentials

  • Wallet
  • Passport
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Mobile phone
  • Tickets
  • Keys
  • Driver’s license

Toiletries for the Weekend Travel Packing List

trip essentials packing lists suitcases

Trip essentials for your packing list

  • Tooth brush
  • Tooth paste
  • Make up + make up remover
  • Pads
  • Moisturizer
  • Shampoo & Shower gel are not always necessary, especially if you are visiting your friends or staying at a hotel
  • Prescription meds
  • Hair brush
  • Deo
  • Parfume
  • Hair elastics, bobby pins

Basic for your Travel Packing List

  • 2 pairs of underwear
  • 2 pairs of socks

Important extra

Important items travelers forget to take

Important items travelers forget to take

  • Charger for the phone
  • Power bank, I’m using a Lumsing® 16000mAh
  • Snacks like nuts, chocolate, fruits for the road
  • Water
  • Umbrella
  • Clothes cleaning roller, if you would like to look neat

Clothes for the Weekend Travel Packing List

This is the hardest part for girls, because we would like to take everything that we have in our wardrobes. Unfortunately it’s impossible, so try to choose out of the following items:

  • 1 Skirt or dress
  • 1 pair of pants
  • 2 T-Shirts
  • Pullover
  • Cardigan or Jacket

Boys, again, lucky you, you won’t have any complications with that:

  • 3 shirts
  • 1 pair of pants
  • Pullover
  • Jacket ( depending on the weather of course )


There are two options for girls:

  1. 2 pairs of comfortable shoes
  2. 1 pair of comfortable shoes + high heels

And only one option for guys, lucky you!

  1. 1  pair of your favorite sneakers


  • Sunglasses
  • Jewelry
  • 1 belt
  • 1 scarf

The important aspect that I would like to emphasize, is that you don’t need much for a weekend trip. And even if you will forget something, you can still get it at your destination, by the end it will be a souvenir. Just be careful with essentials, they should be definitely in your bag. Bon voyage!

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6 Proven Easy Packing Tricks to Travel Light

Sometimes you should be tricky and cheeky to achieve something, especially in the case of easy packing tricks! Why should you feel like a donkey every time you leave for a new adventure? Traveling should be fun and entertainment supported with a compact, light bag full of useful things. Right, useful things and not with something that may or may not be necessary. These tricks will help you to avoid overpacking and to focus on the most important part, adventure!

1.Trick: A bit of planing never harms packing

It may sound monotone and boring, but planing what you are going to do on your trip and writing it down, will help you to be prepared for all scenarios. No doubt, you can also do it mentally, but visualizing always helps to keep track of the whole situation. Additionally check the weather, this is a crucial factor for your planing.

2. Trick: Be yourself and bring planned outfits

Some of us associate traveling with breaking free, it means we can be different at a new place. There is nothing inadequate about being more open and chatty, but it’s better not to experiment with your outfits. Travelers intention is to always  save space and time, it means preplanning and organizing your whole outfit is crucial. Having a trial for the clothes that you are not wearing home and taking random pieces will leave you disappointed.

3. Trick: Keep rolling, rolling, rolling while you are packing

packing tips for vacation travel hacks holidays

Packing tips for vacation, travel hacks

I’ve read about it many times but never thought it would be efficient for packing to roll up your clothes. This is a miracle and it saves space and leaves fewer wrinkles in comparison to folding. But, a more effective way is to combine both the folding and rolling methods, if you are going for a vacation longer than 1 month.

4. Trick: Mini toiletries are essential for your packing list

Travel-sized toiletries can sound like nothing new for you but it’s the best possibility to save space. Furthermore we tend to forget about them, so by the end we just take what we have at home such as big and heavy shampoo bottles. There are two options: Be sure that you need all of these toiletries, if you are staying at a hotel, they might provide you with essential toiletries. The second one is cute separate travel-sized bottles,which you can refill with your own products from home. Voila!

5. Trick: Skip superfluous items

I always ask myself why do people take pajamas with them on short trips or even a 2 weeks vacation if they are going to stay in a hotel anyway? Leave it and let your skin breath again!

6. Trick: Make your travel buddy to your packing buddy

You have a company while you are traveling? So why not to make your company useful and transform it into a win-win situation? Split up the goods like phone charger, other electronic devices, toiletry items, sun creme etc.

Thinking what to take with you for your next weekend trip? Check my The Ultimate Weekend Travel Packing List

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