Low Cost Airline Review: Airline Air Asia

Air Asia airline is the cheapest flight company that you can use within the Asia Pacific. It’s great to use for  short distances around 5 hours but for longer flights it’s not worth saving money over. As I already mentioned Air Asia offers low price flights, that’s why you shouldn’t expect too much comfort or amazing service.

Cabin of Air Asia airline

The inside of the plane has a grey and red colour scheme which is not the most appealing colour combination. It’s equipped with the most basic of airline comfort, there are no measures of entertainment provided. The seats are pretty soft but when they are in the upright position it feels unnatural, as if you’re being pushed by a plank of wood. Still you have enough space for your feet.

Air Asia, cabin

The cleanliness of the airplane will be a surprise every time you fly with Air Asia. The seats are old and dirty, tray tables can still contain stains.

Customer service of Air Asia airline

If you travel with the larger luggage don’t forget to add the weight to your ticket, otherwise it can be very pricy. Very important to know the exact weight that you are allowed to take, if you have more than you’re supposed to take you will have two options left: To take some clothes out of your suitcase and carry it as a hand luggage or pay a crazy amount of money. The Air Asia personal is afraid to do anything wrong because otherwise they need to pay a fine.

Air Asia, flight attendants

The flight attendants are very friendly and polite, nevertheless the service is not professional and very chaotic. You need to pay for everything on the plane, at least you prebook extra weight for you luggage, that also includes a meal with water. The company even tries to prohibit you from bringing your own food on board.

Food on the Airplane

Air Asia, food

Air Asia offers various snacks and drinks for an affordable price on the plane. The coffee is actually better then most I’ve drunk during any other flights. The main courses are edible but it’s not deluxe kitchen. Let’s say it will calm down your hunger for the next couple of hours.


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  1. I am flying on AirAsia for the first time next week to Thailand. Glad to have come across this one.

  2. I haven’t flown with AirAsia yet but it sounds similar to budget airlines I’ve flown with before. The only long-haul flight I’ve taken with a budget airline (Eurowings) ended up in a 6 hour delay meaning I missed my connecting flight. Luckily the films were good and food was included in the price – but I will spend a little more for better comfort next time!

  3. I’m travelling with them on several flights over the next few months. The prices for short hauls and for checked luggage seemed fairly reasonable. For example €67 between Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong which is a 5 hour flight. They do have a stupid security character check that I found irritating though as you can’t see the characters whatsoever. Anyway wish me luck! 🙂

  4. Same experienced with me during my fly to thailand, the coffee was certainly better than other airlines but not the food, Anyway! that’s manageable when you get such a cheap tickets. Haha! Thanks again for sharing this Informative post, Cheers!

  5. Good information. I am always doing my research on the cheaper airlines and it’s pretty much the same thing for each one. You have to pay for your food, you will have to pay for your luggage, and most of the time people say the FA are rude. But you didn’t have a bad experience with the FA. It doesn’t sound like too bad of a flight. I would say no flight is comfortable at all unless you are flying first class and can actually lay down. Haha.

  6. Wow that is so good to know!! It seems very strict but if nothing else, Air Asia will get you somewhere for cheap!

  7. I haven’t ever flown Air Asia before. Agreed that more than five hours on the plane would probably be upsetting! Dunno about trying to stop their customers from being their food onboard… even the cheapest of European airlines don’t do that – yet!

  8. We used Air Asia several times during our last trip in SE Asia. Overall, it was ok considering the price and distance between the destinations. We will certainly use it again in the future. Bear in mind that they have huge offers every now and then, so you can save a lot of money!

  9. These are some great tips. Budget airlines can soon cost the earth due to all the add ons and extras, but your tips have really helpfully pointed out what you need to remember when booking – like with cabin baggage! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I haven’t tried Air Asia yet. Usually, when I am back home with the family, we fly either PAL, CX or Cebu Pac. But it’s good to know these things before we decide to embark on an Asian adventure.

  11. Lauren

    I flew Air Asia in September, it was an interesting experience with one flight the cabin was freezing cold and the next flight the cabin was boiling hot and smelt like someone constantly passed wind.

  12. We loved Air Asia when we took it from Bangkok to Cambodia and we loved the customer service for sure everyone was so nice!

  13. Would love to fly with AirAsia one day. Looks like Ana amazing, affordable airline

  14. Sheena

    I love Air Asia, it’s the best option for travel around Asia, though I have also flown them to Paris & Melbourne. You can’t beat their prices but the crew is also always friendly & their food prices are very reasonable. Awesome review, couldn’t agree with it all more!

  15. Great post with tips as sometimes there are a lot of hidden cost with budget travel, but after reading your post I am going to look into flying with Air Asia, when I travel through Asia.

  16. Never tried them before for the Asian parts, usually other airlines, but I really avoid airlines that nickle and dime. I find that the ones that cost slightly more with all those perks included end up costing less when you add on luggage and food cost to the bill on a round trip flight.

  17. I have never flown with Air Asia before, but since it’s cheap I may go with them on a short flight. On cheap flights it’s better to put on your expectations low. Thanks for your genuine review.

  18. Thank You for sharing this blog with us

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