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Best Fun Things to Do in Hamburg germany

Weekend in Hamburg: The Awesome Itinerary for 2 Days in Hamburg

Moin to everyone who is planning to spend weekend in Hamburg! This is how you greet people in Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city and biggest port. It’s famous for not being shy, but rough and tough. No wonder the whole city is covered with an industrial and sailor spirit. This  itinerary for 2 days in Hamburg will introduce you to the strict, minimalistic architectural design, the smelly fish market and a never-ending nightlife on the streets of the red-light district, the Reeperbahn. The city offers plenty of vibrant and diverse neighborhoods, huge green parks and windy, cold weather. Oh, yes, the weather, you could complain about this constantly in the Northern Pearl!

Discover best of Hamburg, Germany: Alster

Discover best of Hamburg, Germany: Alster

How to Spend Perfect 2 Days in Hamburg

For people who have a passion for harbors, fresh air and the sound of screaming seagulls, Hamburg is an ideal destination. The metropolis is surrounded on all sides  by a vast amount of water. In the city you will discover numerous canals, streams and bridges. A little known fact is that Hamburg has more bridges inside the city than Amsterdam and Venice combined! Another fact is that everyone loves Hamburg, I’ve lived there for ages and I’ve never met someone who wouldn’t like this harsh and cool metropolis of Germany. I think the reason how they overhyped the city is the excellent marketing: on every corner you will see “Hamburg“, “typical Hamburg” inducing a sense of patriotism amongst the locals.

Innenalster,City center of Hamburg, Germany

Innenalster, City center of Hamburg, Germany

Let me show you how you can spend 48 hours in Hamburg  and introduce you to the top things to do in Hamburg. But first of all I will warn you, the public transport an taxis are insanely expensive in Hamburg, my advice take a wild ride on a city bike! Good for your health and even better for your pocket. Also good to get group or weekend ticket for the public transport.

Day 1

Start Your Day with Visiting Hamburg’s City Centre, Rathaus

Hamburg City Hall, Germany

Hamburg City Hall, Germany

Your weekend in Hamburg should start with the main tourist attraction visiting the main square in the city center, the beautiful historic Rathausmarkt. You will be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the Neo-Renaissance town hall, located in the heart of the city next to the Inner Alster lake. The inner city is by the way divided into two lakes, Inner and Outer Alster. It’s also a perfect place for shopping: From luxury shops on Neuer Wall and in Alsterhaus until well-known brands, you will find almost everything that your fashionable heart desires. In between you can have some food from the buffet in Alsterhaus or a coffee in Alex. Both places are pretty busy and may seem very touristic, but they have an ideal central location with an amazing spot overlooking the Inner Alster.

Must taste while in Hamburg: Delicious Franzbrötchen

Must taste while in Hamburg: Delicious Franzbrötchen

Tip: You want to know how Hamburg tastes? Try a classic of the city, Franzbrötchen. This cinnamon bun will make your day!

Walk Around the Inner & Aussen Alster

Other places to visit in Hamburg are Inner and Outer Alster. Alster is the pride of Hamburg hence, it is a must to have a tranquil walk around the artificial lake. During the winter, it is possible to make a walk across the lake to the other bank and even enjoy ice skating without getting wet. In the sunny days you can rent a paddle boat or canoe to go out on an Alster journey. It’s an amazing opportunity to admire the landscape and magnificent architecture from the water.

Must visit in Hamburg Café Prüsse

Must visit in Hamburg Café Prüsse

To escape the chaotic city and immerse into a romantic and maritime atmosphere, you can have a walk along the Aussen (Outer) Alster. On the way you will observe magnificent buildings, which only rich people can afford. You will also discover a couple of beach cafès hiding in the endless greenery, where you can sip on a fancy glass with wine. My beloved one is Cafè Prüsse, which offers an amazing view of the sailboats and has a delicious menu with great prices. Finish your pleasant walk in the Alsterpark. It’s an excellent  location to open a bottle of wine and watch the colorful sunset.

Hamburg’s Famous Park: Planten un Blomen

Park "Planten un Blomen" in Hamburg, Germany

Park “Planten un Blomen” in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, a green waterside metropolis is not only known for it’s highest standard of living, but also for it’s green-friendly attitude. It is impressively full with forests, parks and other green urban areas in comparison to most cities of similar size. One of the cherished places in the center of the city that you need to see in Hamburg is the huge park with fountains, lawns and floral displays, Planten un Blomen. Anyone who wants to have a romantic walk,  a moment of relaxation or just to catch up with friends should visit this gorgeous green recreation in Dammtor.

Planten un Blomen Fountain Show

Planten un Blomen also offers a beautiful fountain show with music and lights. You can admire the dancing colored fountains for half an hour every night at 10 p.m. from May to September for free.

Best Thing To Do in Hamburg: Visit Sternschanze

Sternschanze bars & restaurants, Hamburg

Sternschanze bars & restaurants, Hamburg

Hamburgs hip and trendy Sternschanze exudes unique charming vibes. It’s casualness and coolness is an extreme contrast to the conservative rich areas. Hamburg is the healthiest city in Germany, full with rich people. That’s why this district seems to be like from a different planet with it’s unusual streets.

Delicious Curry Soup in Kostbar, Hamburg

Bars of Hamburg Schanzenviertel

In the 80s Schanze, the short version of Sternschanze, was dilapidated a problematic area with old buildings, where workers and foreigners could get cheap apartments. Nowadays it’s a cultivated vivid place, where you can stroll through hipster shops, cafès, restaurants with an alternative international kitchen or you can just observe interesting cool people. One of the cute cafés with delicious food is Kostbar. It’s an ideal place to start your day with an energizing tasty breakfast or just to have a lunch with one of the international cousin dishes. Another hotspot is Altes Mädchen, which translates to “Old Girl”. It’s a very popular eatery centered on Germany’s emerging craft beer industry.

Tattoo Shop “Wild Cat”, Hamburg

Tip: Every sailor should have a tattoo, the traditionally favored anchor or personal ink statement on the skin. If you are spontaneous and rebellious, then visit the tattoo salon Wild Cat. They will help you to decor your skin!

The creative atmosphere changes in the evening, when all kinds of people from young to old, from fancy to alternative gather in the bars and streets of Sternschanze. It transforms into an outgoing, laughing and chatty little world, where you can escape from all troubles and end up with a good party night.

If you are in a chilling mood, then Sofa Bar would be glad to have you as a guest. It’s a Schanze’s classic hangout bar furnished with huge vintage sofas. For tourists the location may seem shabby and drinks too simple, but it’s all about the buzzing atmosphere and easy-going visitors.

Tip: Try Hamburg’s original beer, Astra, with a unique and flavorful character!  

Legendary Katze on the Sternuschanze, Hamburg, Germany

Legendary Katze on the Sternuschanze, Hamburg, Germany

Katze, which means “Cat” in German, is another cool and vibrant bar in the heart of the Sternschanze. It’s old, dirty but with an amazing easy-going atmosphere. You can enjoy your beer or wine inside. I would suggest to go outside, especially during the summer evenings. There you can get to know new people and have an amusing chat with locals.

If a couple of drinks were not enough for you and you feel like you need to present your dancing skills to the audience, then visit the cool underground club “Kleiner Donner“. Be careful to show up on time, because after 12p.m. it’s so full, so you won’t be able to get inside anymore.

What is Hamburg famous for: Red lights & Party of Reeperbahn

The iconic party and red light district, which has the rhythm of an owl: sleeping during the day and hunting during the night. You will be positively surprised by the magnitude of the area and the vivid, loud atmosphere. Reeperbahn is a place where since the 1960s polite behavior doesn’t exist and sins have a strong attitude. It used to be the sailor’s red-light district but nowadays it turned into a party neighborhood with bars, clubs, theaters and high-class restaurants.

Grosse Freiheit, Reeperbahn

Reeperbahn Guide

The most famous side street of Reeperbahn is “Große Freiheit”, which translates as “Great Freedom”. It’s a very touristic spot filled with bars, clubs and sexy dancing girls (ok, how sexy they are, is a question of perspective). Many clubs, like “Kaiserkelle, were embossed from Rock’n’Roll. Famous bands like “The Beatles” who started their musical path of success here. I would love to tell you, where you could dance the night away, but first of all plenty of clubs changed their owners, names and music style.

The legendary “99 cents” bar, Grosse Freiheit

Tip: Try the typical Kiez-Drink “Mexikaner”. It’s a mix of cheap Vodka, Tabasco, Sangria and tomato juice in one shot. This popular one you will find in “Villa Kunterbunt” for a delicious 50 cents. 

While walking through the neon streets surrounded by drunk people, trashy drag queens, flirty prostitutes and numerous clubs and sex shops, you may reach “Hamburger Berg”. It’s an area filled with bars, pubs and especially beloved by students, because clubs don’t require you to pay for the entrance.

Streets of Reeperbahn

Reeperbahn Tips

Another famous and very touristic place is “Hans-Albers-Platz”, which is again full with numerous bars and pubs. It’s named after the actor, whose statue you can find in the middle of the square. The bars are also full with people, so you can’t move but still it’s possible to enjoy your cheap drink and rock, heavy metal or just chart music. And if you are in a hunting mood, be careful what kind of girl you are talking to, the street is occupied by prostitutes.

Rooftop Bars in Hamburg

If you think you should be treated in an exclusive way and you would like to cherish the picturesque view of the city from the top of a skyscraper, then you should doubtlessly visit “Skyline Bar 20up” or “Clouds“. To be sure to enjoy excellent quality and service, book a table in advance.

After a big night out, it’s time to visit Hamburg’s Fishmarket on the Große Elbstraße. Just a little walk away, on Sunday morning you will meet the sunrise with other half sleepy, fully drunk visitors, screaming hawkers and stalls filled with fresh food. Buy some coffee, bread with fish and experience the special atmosphere of the iconic market.

Day 2

What to Visit in Hamburg: HafenCity

HafenCity, Hamburg, Germany

HafenCity, Hamburg, Germany

Another pride and sight in Hamburg’s city center is Hafencity. It’s a district located on the Elbe river with old port warehouses replaced with extremely expensive new residential areas. The area is presenting a full spectrum of modern and futuristic urban architecture with perfectly implemented cafés and restaurants. During the summer you can enjoy the sounds on the terrace and watch container ships passing by.

Hafencity, Hamburg


Hafencity is the largest development project in Europe and it’s still not very favored by the locals nor by tourists. It’s an ideal place for companies’ office. A little walk through the urban jungle and you will reach Elbe Philharmonic Hall.

Philharmonic in Hamburg, Germany

Philharmonic in Hamburg, Germany

Every metropolis has this building, it costs a huge amount of money but is never finished. Hamburg has that one too, Elbe Philharmonic Hall. The building that stirs up different feelings, some say it’s magnificent others think it’s grotesque. So again it depends on your personal perspective.

The Speicherstadt

Finish your walk with exploring the streets of “Speicherstadt”, the old version of the harbour with it’s neo-Gothic architecture and Hamburg’s beloved red bricks. Absorb Hamburg’s maritime spirit and visit Hamburg’s museum “Miniature Wunderland“, which will present you with a mini version of the world!

Hidden Gems in Hamburg

If you are searching for the best bars in Hamburg you should visit legendary Zwick Bar in Pöseldorf. It’s an authentic Rock’n Roll pub, where two worlds are clashing with each other to create a perfect match. The pub is in a fancy area with magnificent architecture, that’s why you will meat plenty of rich prigs. But don’t judge the place immediately, Hamburg is full of rich supercilious oafs anyway. Nevertheless in Zwick you will also see Harley Davidson people or other suspicious creatures. Sounds bizarre but believe me you will be infatuated with the shady atmosphere, great rock music, chatty people and of course simple pub drinks!

If you would like to go to the club then visit the small and cozy Club Du Nord, just a stone’s throw away of the Milchstraße.

Best Bars in Hamburg

Hidden or secret classic bar Le Lion’s Bar de Paris, one of the stand out cocktail bars in Germany. You can’t see it from the outside, you need to ring the bell and wait until you will be allowed to enter the chamber. The sophisticated ambience, tiny room and dimmed lights will make you feel like a part of the special secret group.

My last advice would be to visit The Boilerman Bar in the fancy Eppendorf district. It’s  a very small cozy whisky bar, where you can try various amazing cocktails, have a chat with the barman and for a change smoke IN the bar! Prost, Hamburch!

Undiscovered Paris

The Top Secret Paris Attractions You will Absolutely Love

You will be surprised but there are various top secret Paris attractions that no one tells you about. And no wonder, Paris is the second largest French speaking metropolis in the world. You are probably surprised, but Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is in first place. Nevertheless growing from a small village, today it’s an influential and tremendous metropolis with secret Paris attractions.

Treat yourself with baking goods when you are in Paris, France

Treat yourself with baking goods when you are in Paris, France

Undiscovered Paris

Undiscovered Paris offers numerous possibilities to entertain yourself, from historical museums filled with artworks and sculptures, beautiful theaters and 9,057 of different open terraces, where you can savor incredibly delicious food and great wine. And if you are in love with bread, then Paris will be an epitome for you: There are 1,784 bakeries in Paris. Apropos love: It’s amazing to walk around and see lovely couples kissing and looking deeply in each other’s eyes, without being ashamed of showing their sensitive sides. The French language and behavior resembles love doves cuddling under the roof. It means Paris is an ideal place to fall in love in the city and with the city.

But before you get lost in this French urban jungles, overwhelmed by the choice of sights, let me guide you through the best unique places in Paris. Just one reminder, don’t forget to charge you camera, to capture the beauty of the magnificent city. My advice, take a power bank with you. I’m using Lumsing® 16000mAh, which is great. It charges your phone within 30 minutes and you can use the battery 8-10 times until you need to plug it in again.

Getting around in Paris with public transport

Regarding Paris´magnitude you might be using the public transport. It’s very simple to orientate yourself in the city, because there are plans and signs everywhere, showing you the way. If you stay just for a weekend you might get 10 tickets for 14, 10€. If you want to buy a single trip ticket, it would cost you 1,90€. If you are planing to stay for longer, it might be worth to get a rechargeable week card, which works from Monday until Sunday and costs 5€. For 25€ you will be able to use every public transport up to 18 times. You can buy these cards at any counter, just don’t forget to bring a photo of yourself in a passport size.

The Perfect Start in a Traditional Parisian Café

Charming Le Petit Château d'Eau in Paris

Top Secret Paris Attractions: Le Petit Château d’Eau

If you want to experience Paris off the beaten path visit this charming traditional Parisian café Le Petit Château d’Eau. It’s close to the Republique metro station, where you can have a terrific start of your day. Surrounded only by locals, in secret streets of Paris, away from the chaotic big city, the wonderful Le Petit Château d’Eau will provide you with a typical French breakfast: delicious croissants with various sorts of cheese and an awakening coffee. The little oasis is owned and delegated by the family since 5 years, which gives it a cozy feeling, as if you would visit your friends. Furthermore the delicious food and typical French design of the café will let you immerse into the traditional French culture and have an excellent beginning of your lovely trip. You can also visit Le Petit Château d’Eau in the evening and have a drink with the chatty patrons.

Have a breakfast at Le Petit Château d'Eau in Paris, France

Have a breakfast at Le Petit Château d’Eau in Paris, France

Cool & Famous Places to visit in Paris

After an amazing waking up procedure in Le Petit Chateau you can visit another cool place in Paris, which is just a 15 minutes walk away and it’s next to metro station Etienne Marcel. This district is popular with it’s numerous cafés, open terraces and restaurants. It’s a great spot to have a break after the never-ending sightseeing and get some inner fuel. Additionally it’s a place to be in the evening, when every location seduces French habitants and curious tourists with it’s happy hour.

Well-known Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, France

Well-known Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, France

Unique Things to Do in Paris

Just a stone’s throw away you will discover the unique & well-known Centre Georges Pompidou. It’s a vast public library, the largest museum for modern art in Europe and also a centre for music and acoustic research. You might not fall in love with the complex building on the first sight, but don’t judge this book by it’s cover. It may still seem to be under construction, which is not true apparently.

The story of Centre Pompidou

 Centre Pompidou has a smart soul: The architectonical statement and radical design was born by known architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers in the 1970´s. They decided to focus on the beauty of the functional elements of the structure, that’s why the building is classified as Structural Expressionism. The main idea of the Centre Pompidou is being flexible and able to be reconfigured to suit new conditions. To achieve this, they turned the construction inside-out to maximize the internal magnitude.

On the west facade of the complex you will see color-coded ducts: blue is the climate control, yellow is electric wires, green is plumbing and red fulfills the role of communication. The pipes, tubes, escalators and ducts create the illusion that it is a machine. The terminator carcass gives a possibility to realize emptiness, amazing light structure and a flexible interior by using temporary walls and partitions. The result is a genius building for the exhibitions from the architectural point of view, from the esthetic side it’s ambiguous though. Nevertheless it’s one of the Paris’s most visited  attractions.

Every first Sunday of the month the entrance to the vibrant arts exhibitions of Centre Pompidou are for free. If you missed that opportunity then you can also visit the hyper-industrial restaurant, Georges, with magnificent panoramic views of Paris. You can access the restaurant by a free elevator.

The Top secret Place in Paris

Where you can meet only locals: Square du Vert-Galant

The top secret place in  Paris, Square du Vert-Galant

There is a top secret okay in Paris that only locals know about. It’s located on the Square du Vert-Galant, just follow the stairs, leading you under the bridge. It may sound suspicious, but it’s a beloved spot by locals to observe the scenic view of the river and Louvre. Take a drink and you will have the optimal justification to stay longer. Afterwards you can visit the Eiffel Tower, which starts sparkling between 8 – 9 p.m. A memorable show!



What is Montmartre famous for?

The must visit place in Paris, Monmartre

The must visit place in Paris, Monmartre

 Montmartre’s hill is the highest point of the city, which reaches 130 meters and is proudly topped by the landmark, Church of Sacré-Coeur. The basilica was built between 1875 and 1914 and it’s name means “Sacred Heart”. It’s a reference to Jesus’ heart. The word Montmartre itself means “Mountain of the Martyr” and comes from the brutal martyrdom of Saint Denis, the bishop of Paris in 250 AD.

Saint Denis was a missionary who was sent to spread Catholicism in the city of Paris. Unfortunately not everyone liked it and one of the local pagan priests sentenced him to death. According to the legend Saint Denis was decapitated on the famous hill, but even then , he stood up, picked up his head and walked another 10 kilometers preaching a sermon. So over time when you see sculptures, paintings or watch the movie “Sleepy Hollow”, you will know from where the inspiration came.

Church of Sacré-Coeur, Paris, France

Church of Sacré-Coeur, Paris, France

Climb the stairs and as an award you will see the picturesque view of the metropolis. Montmartre has long been known as a home of various Bohemian artists, like Picasso, Matisse and Dali. The area inspired and provided ideas for the incredible masterpieces for such great painters like Van Gogh and Utrillo. Nowadays you can find numerous painters on a square Place du Tetre, which is located just a few steps away from basilica Sacré-Coeur.


Amelie Filming locations at Montmartre

Cafe des Deux Moulains, Paris where the movie "The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain" was shot

Cafe des Deux Moulains, Paris where the movie “The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain” was shot

There are several Amelie Filming locations at Montmartre. As an authentic fan of the movie “The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain”, you should know that there is a “Cafe des Deux Moulains”, which is very close to the Cathedral Sacré-Coeur. You can soak in one of the movie scenes and imagine that you could meet Amelie here personally. The location has almost an exact environment that is familiar to us from the movie. The only missing piece, is the tobacco shop. Definitely enter the restroom and not only for being part of iconic Georgette’s and Jesophe’s love scene, but also to admire the film’s artifacts displayed behind the glass, one of them is the legendary travel gnome.

Cafe des Deux Moulains, Paris, France

Cafe des Deux Moulains, Paris, France

Undiscovered Paris: The Crazy Ice Cream in Paris

This is one of the hidden gems in undiscovered Paris: A crazy ice cream shop, Glaces Glazed, with naughty but delightful flavors. The names of the sweets will make you giggle, but the mix of ingredients will make you curious. I really liked “Porn Cop”, a combination of pop corn and caramel. It already sounds divine! We even got delicious waffles for free.

The best experimental ice cream in Paris, France

The best experimental ice cream in Paris, France

Interesting Place to visit in Paris, Philharmonie

Front side of Philharmonic of Paris, France

Front side of Philharmonic of Paris, France

Since a couple of years every big city is willing to spend a huge amount of money on futuristic buildings of Philharmonics. Paris is not different, in 2015 this vast space ship, designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel, was presented to the public. The cost of constructions were expected to be just 170 million Euros, after having an enlightenment that it was not enough, the costs were multiplied 3-4 times. France self-proclaimed it’s innovative cultural center as unique in the world. But if you think about the invested money then it doesn’t make sense to spend the same insanely high amount into a twin building. Philharmonic of Paris, France

Philharmonic of Paris, France

So Philharmonic of Paris is another interesting place to visit in Paris. The new music complex entertains it’s visitors with concerts and various exhibitions. It’s also possible to climb to the the top of the roof of the Philharmonic and enjoy the view of the city.

Unusual Things to Do in Paris

Very first café, where coffee was served in Paris, France

Very first café, where coffee was served in Paris, France

There is one awesome and unusual thing to do in Paris that you should try out: A tour with Mon Beau Paris through one of the most significant neighborhoods of Paris, rich with important moments of French history, Saint Germain. It’s 2,5 hours walking tour which is not only informative but also entertaining and memorable. You will get polaroid cameras with 10 snapshots. Few know secret places in Paris where was the very beginning of the city of Paris, the way we know the metropolis nowadays. After plenty of revolutions, massacres, beheaded kings, it became an upscale district combined with vivid youthful energy, filled with interesting streets, which are covered by art from known street artists.

Best Photo Spots in Paris

 During the tour you will be shown best photo spots in Paris but you can also check instagrammable Paris here. You will also see the café which was the pioneer in serving coffee not only for the spoiled nobles, the spot where the cruel guillotine had it’s premier and many other intriguing insiders, which you would never read anywhere else, because you just basically don’t have time for that.

Sculpture made by Picasso in Paris, France

Sculpture of Picasso in the garden of the church of St. Germain des Prés

Paris Hidden Gem: Sculpture of Picasso

In addition you would never guess what you can discover in the parking spots of St. Germain. There is a Paris’ hidden gem a sculpture in the garden of the famous church of St. Germain des Prés from the world-known artist, Picasso. There is no sign, so everyone just passes by. As you can see there are numerous Paris’ hidden gems in the streets of a metropolitan and to immerse in it’s history and to refresh your knowledge, it is necessary to have a guide. My advice, join one of Mon Beau Paris tours for an affordable price and enjoy a toury time!

Paris of the Beaten track

And again, it’s impossible to describe all the amazing sides of Paris. The city has just too much to offer, you need to write a book about it. And while you are writing, there are new incredible places growing in the streets of the expressive metropolis. Visit Paris for a week, see the beautiful cemetery Pére Lachaise, with the tombs of famous people like Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf. Observe the splendid magnitude of the opera hiding a huge artificial lake under it’s facades. And now start planing your trip and bon voyage!

Top Secret Paris Attractions
tallinn estonia old town heritage site

What to See in Tallinn in One or Two Days

So you are planning to visit Tallinn for one day or maybe even two and I should say i’s an awesome destination in Europe as a city break. Tallinn is an unusual capital of Estonia with a cultural scene of magical medieval times, low prices and friendly locals. The charming small city, with the population of 440.000 people, offers everything for a perfect weekend break: delicious traditional dishes, historical settings and the comfort of a modern world. The pearl in the north of Europe is famous for Finnish people, it’s cheap booze and mysterious for the rest of the world.

Bridgettine Convent, Tallinn, Estonia

Bridgettine Convent, Tallinn, Estonia

If you spend your holidays in Tallinn you will find out that it’s not only an amazing combination of ancient and contemporary times. The city possesses different aspects to be proud of, for example it’s the oldest capital city of Northern Europe. It used to carry the name Revel, but after Estonia became independent in 1918 the new name Tallinn was established.

Historical ruins of Tallinn, Bridgettine Convent

Historical ruins of Tallinn, Bridgettine Convent

The official language in Tallinn is Estonian, nevertheless the majority also speaks Russian, because Russian citizens are the largest minority group of the Estonian population. The fascinating country joined the European Union in 2004 and adopted the Euro, which is a great news for travelers, but not the best aspect from an economical point of view. But we will leave politics to politicians and start our two days itinerary to the Baltic pearl!

Day 1. What to See in Tallinn in One Day

The top things to see in Tallinn: Old Town

Must visit: Tallinn's Old Town, Estonia

Must visit: Tallinn’s Old Town, Estonia

Tallinn is a small and compact city, it takes only 15 minutes to get to the city center from the airport. The taxis are very cheap, 15-20 minutes drive costs only 5€. Moreover on your ride to the main attractions you can observe the picturesque view from the seaside road. Tallinn’s coastline lies on the Baltic sea and the Gulf of Finland, so you can spoil your lungs with fresh air and your body with a surfboard on the waves. The position of the country automatically influences the weather. Tourists prefer to visit the city during April or May, when the sun starts to show it’s chocolate sides. We’ve been there in September and we could enjoy excellent weather, sunny and refreshing at the same time!

Tallinn Town Hall Square, Estonia

Tallinn Town Hall Square, Estonia

When you enter the historical cobblestone path of Tallinn’s Old Town, be prepared to immerse into a fairytale. Medieval architecture, an overwhelming fortress, impressive ancient cathedrals, cute little souvenir shops and appealing eateries that will leave you speechless. The Old Town has a perfect size, so you don’t need a map to explore the surroundings and furthermore one day is totally enough to discover all the marvelous sights of UNESCO’s World Heritage, Old Town. It’s also split into two parts: the lower town, All linn, and the upper town, Toompea.

from this spot you have a quest to find 7 towers and make a wish in Tallinn, Estonia

From this spot you have a quest to find 7 towers and make a wish in Tallinn, Estonia

Visit Raekoja Plats in Tallinn

III Draakon - Medieval Tavern in Tallinn, Estonia

III Draakon – Medieval Tavern in Tallinn, Estonia

While exploring the Old Town , you won’t wanna miss the little charming square in the pulsing heart of Lower Town. Since the 13th century the square gathered people for diverse attractions like medieval festivals and magical markets. It’s surrounded by various restaurants and one of the must visit places is III Draakon, old-fashioned tavern tucked into the corner of Town Hall. It feels like a time-machine brought you into Estonian’s golden age: detailed decor and ambience, authentic medieval atmosphere and cuisine. The rigorous waitress in a time accurate dress will serve you with delightful pies, delicious deer-soup and real Estonian beer. Don’t forget to taste the brine pickles in the barrel, it’s free! You won’t expect it, but the prices vary between 1-3€.

III Draakon - Medieval Pub in Tallinn, Estonia

III Draakon – Medieval Pub in Tallinn, Estonia

The oldest pharmacy in Tallinn, Estonia

The oldest pharmacy in Tallinn, Estonia

Next to the Raekoja Plats you can find the oldest pharmacy in Europe. Make sure to explore the indoors of the Town Hall pharmacy, because it doesn’t sell only modern pharmaceuticals, but also mementos of times past. There is also a museum where you can find the most famous of herbs and their history.

Sightseeing of Tallinn’s Old Town St. Catherine’s Monastery

St. Catherine's Church in Tallinn's Old Town

St. Catherine’s Church in Tallinn’s Old Town

In the one of the prettiest half-hidden little walkways of the Old Town, you can discover what’s left of St. Catherine’s Church and various ancient tombstones. During the late Middle Ages it used to be the largest ecclesiastical building in Tallinn, but in 1524, during the Reformation, the monastery was destroyed. Now only fragments remain of the original parts. You will be surprised what you can find inside: a black unspectacular screen, but if you look at it from different angles, which are marked, then you will discover five different religious symbols, which resemble to the star constellations.

One of the fragments on the black screen in St. Catherine's Monastery, Tallinn

One of the fragments on the black screen in St. Catherine’s Monastery, Tallinn

St. Olav’s Church tower and observation platform, Estonia

View from St. Olaf's Church in Tallinn, Estonia

View from St. Olaf’s Church in Tallinn, Estonia

Another one of Tallinn’s mesmerizing landmarks is St. Olaf’s Church. It was built in the 12th century and after several rebuildings, it reached the total height of 123,7 m. The medieval structure might not impress you from the inside, but it gives you an opportunity to climb the tower for 2€ and to enjoy the best viewing platform. The only challenge is to climb the 258 steps of the very narrow spiral staircase. My advice: do it in the beginning of the day, when you still have power and energy. Smokers will probably overthink again if they need to quit.

Nice walk up to Toompea Hill

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Tallinn, Estonia

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Tallinn, Estonia

Toompea is the upper side of Tallinn’s Old Town. In the old days the nobility lived here, nowadays it’s the seat of the Estonian administration with terrific viewpoints and an enormous Russian Orthodox Church, which was built in the period of the time when Estonia was part of the Russian Empire. If you are in love with photography and you permanently crave for likes on Instagram, then Toompea is an utopian place to capture a couple of stunning pictures.

Hipster area Telliskivi Creative City

Cool Graffiti art in Tallinn, Estonia

Cool graffiti art in Tallinn, Estonia

Telliskivi Creative City, Estonia, Tallinn

Telliskivi Creative City, Estonia, Tallinn

On the other side of Upper Town, just behind the Central station is an old industrial area transformed into an innovative and creative part of the city, Telliskivi. There are plenty of cool shops, interesting restaurants and cafes. The surrounding walls are covered in colorful graffitis, ping pong tables and art installations are scattered throughout the place. This district has everything to please not only hipsters but all kinds of visitors.

Street art of Telliskivi Loomelinnak: Giant hamster

Street art of Telliskivi Loomelinnak: Giant hamster

Try food of F-Hoone in Tallinn, Estonia

Try food of F-Hoone in Tallinn, Estonia

Telliskivi is a great non-touristic district, where you can peacefully enjoy your hipster drink or tasty food for “big-smile” prices. It’s a pretty new area, so every time new establishments are surprising their visitors with awesome cafes, bars and restaurants. One of them is F-Hoone, which has been here for a long time offering delightful dishes and entertaining young spirits on the weekends with dance parties. The refurbished industrial warehouse with a minimal, funky décor and unique menu has a magnetic effect on the trendy audience. The food is high quality and you should doubtlessly try the mutton dumplings in creamy mushroom sauce. For beer drinkers I would suggest the real Estonian beer Pohjala. Locals would tell you not to drink Saku, it’s not the best Estonian beer. You can compare it to Heineken, just clever marketing.

Where to eat in Tallinn: F-Hoone

Where to eat in Tallinn: F-Hoone

Day 2. If You Stay for Weekend in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn Highlights: Visit Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour on trip to Tallinn

Tallinn is a tiny city with a small population but it has numerous attractions and historical sights to offer. Old City Harbour is one of them,it is the biggest passenger harbour in the Baltic region. If you are interested in continuing traveling to further Nordic destination, then you will have a fantastic opportunity to take a cheap ferry to Helsinki, Stockholm or St. Petersburg. You can already get tickets for 6-10€.

Must see in Tallinn: Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour, museum

Must see in Tallinn: Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour, museum

You should absolutely visit the exciting maritime museum Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour. The tickets are pricy, for adults 15€, for students 7€, but it’s worth it! The enormous building originally constructed as a hangar for seaplanes in the era of Peter the Great. In the museum you will learn about the history of the boats. The main jewel of the exhibition is the enormous submarine Lembit contracted in 1936. A 30-people-crew used to dive with Lembit during war times. Nowadays you can climb inside of the submarine to inspect how the sailors were living for days or even months in this cramped space. It’s definitely a breathtaking experience!

Climb into Submarine Lembit in Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour in Tallinn, Estonia

Climb into Submarine Lembit in Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour in Tallinn, Estonia

The museum has also a yellow lovely submarine, which simulates going under the water. Additionally you can use flight simulators, operate miniature ships in a big pool and take pictures in sailing costumes. It doesn’t matter if you are grown up or a child, you will enjoy visiting the Lennusadam museum!

Sightseeing in Tallinn: Kadriorg Park

How about to get some delicious Estonian ice cream and to go for walk to beautiful Kadriorg Park. It’s a romantic, majestic and cozy inner-city area with fountains, streams and beautiful flowers and trees. In the 18th century the Russian emperor Peter the Great built a fabulous summer palace for his beloved Catherine the Great, so she can have a rest after her hard-working days. For himself he built one in Petergof, Russia by the way. Nowadays you can visit this architectonical oasis and admire the pompous beauty of the inside.

Catherine's Summer Kadriorg Palace Tallinn, Estonia

Catherine’s Summer Kadriorg Palace Tallinn, Estonia

On the way to the seaside you can observe the splendid memorial “Russalka“, Russian for Mermaid.The statue on the podest depicts an angel. It commemorates the loss of the Russian ship “Russalka”, which sank in the end of the 19th century, all 177 sailors perished.

Memorial of the Russian ship "Rusalka" in Tallinn, Estonia

Memorial of the Russian ship “Rusalka” in Tallinn, Estonia

Must see in Tallinn: Bridgettine Convent

Historical ruins of Bridgettine Convent Tallinn, Estonia

Historical ruins of Bridgettine Convent Tallinn, Estonia

One more of Tallinn’s fascinating historic sites: Bridgettine Convent or better to say the remaining towering gable and walls of the main hall of it. The monastery was built in the 15th century but the forces of Ivan the Terrible ( if you know Russian history ) destroyed the holy building in 1577. Since then we can only observe the beautiful ensemble of ruins, facades and graveyard. Nowadays it’s a museum, that you can visit for 2€ and walk through the tremendous mystical ruins and cellars. It’s a very adventurous experience, who knows maybe you will face a ghost.

Where to eat in Tallinn

Best Burger Hesburger, Tallinn

Best Burger “Hesburger”, Tallinn

Tallinn is a place to see and to fall in love with. It’s unique medieval beauty and its combination of Russian and Nordic culture is admirable. And if you will get hungry on your way from one museum to another, then check Hesburger, the best Nordic Fast Food Chain with delightful burgers! Yum!

Weekend in London itinerary

A Perfect Weekend in London itinerary

It is possible to create a perfect London itinerary for 3 days even if London is a very chaotic and crowdy city with a population of 8,7.    The capital of UK is a place where you can meet numerous different cultures, who are happily living together and share their affinity for that stressful and loud city. For sure London has plenty of nice things to offer, long time I couldn’t understand though, why so many people feel a need to move and to live there? The prices for the rent are incredibly high, the streets and public transport are full with the mixed crowd of locals and tourists and it’s magnitude is so tremendous, that you always need between 30-40 minutes to get from A to B or sometimes even 1-2 hours.

My last 2 days in London changed my opinion about that magnificent city. I’ve seen many beautiful places, met interesting and friendly english people and probably felt the real vibes of London. In my eyes London has plenty of optical similarities with Australian cities like Melbourne for example. This is when I realized why English people feel so comfortable in Down Under: it feels like home but the weather is even better!

What to see in London in 3 Days

Day 1

We arrived at Victoria Station, enormous and busy but beautiful station at the heart of the city. It’s so huge so you can find everything there: national rail, underground, shopping mall, restaurants and loads of people running somewhere like a group of ants. It’s easy to orientate yourself, you can find descriptive signs all around and furthermore the train station staff is very helpful and kind. It’s more efficient to get Oyster card directly from the machine, if you stay longer then just 2 days. You need to pay 5 Pounds deposit for it, but when you bring the card back, your money will be returned.

Best way to see London in 3 Days
Best way to see London in 3 Days

Where to stay in London?

Our lovely hostel was located in Bayswater, the ideal base from which to explore the surroundings of central London. It’s a culturally diverse area of West London with terrific traditional english architecture. We stayed at Dean Court Hostel, which is 1 minute away from the Bayswater Underground and 100 meters from Hyde Park. Moreover there are various restaurants and supermarkets where you can get diverse food. We had  a private cozy room for two people with a terrace and a nice view. London is obviously one of the most expensive places to stay, Dean Court Hostel is well priced for a good located accommodation and included breakfast. However it’s a hostel with shared toilets and shower. Verdict: great place with friendly staff, definitely place to stay!

Explore Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market
Portobello Road Market

After walking around in Bayswater and enjoying it’s magnificent architecture, you may want to visit the world’s largest antiques market, Portobello Road. It’s an infinite road with over 1.000 of dealers on the both sides of the road selling various kinds of antiques and collectibles. The roots of the exciting market go back to the 19th century. Since that time it surprises locals and tourists from all over the world with it’s designer boutiques, street food and cute cafés. If you have passion for vintage and curious for something different than H&M or Zara, then you should doubtlessly visit the never ending market.

Going out in Camden Town in London

Party scene in London is exciting and without exception memorable. You can always find great clubs and pubs with happy hours, cheap entry fees, live music and fascinating sometimes weird ambiance. One of the awesome party neigbourhoods in London is Camden, famous for it’s local markets and vibrant nightlife. It’s an artistic and creative area, where you can hunt for treasures in the markets and taste the food from around the globe during the day. In the evening you can listen to live music in one of the pubs and afterwards dance the night away in the club. Many famous English artists like Dylan Thomas and Amy Winehouse made Camden their home. There you can also find a life size memorial bronze statue of Amy located in Stables Market.

Camden, London
Camden, London

Camden is full with architectonic wonders, the whole neighbourhood resembles a museum, so you can’t stop admiring a bit trashy & crazy but for sure stunning buildings. During the late evening young people doing promotion for the clubs giving away the cards with discounts. Try out Camden Proud. It’s a big area divided into two music options, House and RnB, and the sizable outdoor bar, which is perfect for a drink, smoke and chat with your company. The club used to be a horse hospital and around 6 old stables are still intact.

Don’t worry  about coming back home, Uber is available in London. The cheap alternative for a Taxi, just don’t forget to download the Application.

Day 2

City Sightseeing in London

Trafalgar Square, London
Trafalgar Square, London

There should be typical city sightseeing in London like famous Trafalgar Square. It’s a place full with history of it’s heritage site, fabulous statues and fountains in the middle of the city. The imposing square attracts thousands of visitors every day, so you can see an unstoppable float of the english red buses on the crossroads of London’s traffic. Interesting fact: Trafalgar Square used to be a home for thousands of flying rats, pigeons. Tourists loved to feed them, so the population of pigeons was   growing and the square was almost conquered by them. 2003, London Mayor Ken Livingstone declared war on pigeons and illegalize feeding them. Furthermore the hawk was employed to terrify the little grey pigeons. So nowadays it’s a pigeon free area and it’s possible to hold concerts and public events on the square.

Visit St. James Park in London

St. James Park, London
St. James Park, London

To continue London city tour escape from the chaos of the vivid city in the tremendous green oasis in London. One of them is the royal St. James’s Park, which lays in the City of Westminster close to Trafalgar Square. It’s a perfect place to hang out with your friends, have a romantic walk through the oldest park or just sink in for the moment into the tranquil world of nature. During the summer St. James Park spoils it’s visitors not only with 23 hectares of green amazing surface but also with various events, a contemporary British restaurant, four refreshment kiosks and fountains with drinkable water. As every other park in London St. James Park is filled with comfy deck chairs. The only negative aspect you should pay for that treat.

Visit SOHO

Jamie Oliver Diner, London
Jamie Oliver Diner, London

On your three days in London tour you should visit terrific and never quiet area in London, Soho. It’s popular for it’s history, architecture, various bars and restaurants and fun-loving atmosphere. There, close to Piccadilly Circus station, you can also find the restaurant and take away of the famous english chef Jamie Oliver. We were also tempted by the famous name and reasonable prices to order double cheeseburger £6 and beef Hot-Dog £5. The decoration of that place and the concept of 50s’ is definitely impressive, food was not extraordinary though. Burger was good.

Godiva, Ice Cream, London
Godiva, Ice Cream, London

Walking through Coventry Street you will discover M&M’s World, delicious chocolatery Godiva, where you can also enjoy chocolate ice cream with raspberry topping in the summer days. It’s definitely a place where your eyes will be permanently entertained and your wallet will get emptier.

The Lion King Musical

Lion King, London
The Lion King, London

Dreams come true: as many other children of the 90s’ I grew up with Disney and my favorite cartoon was always The Lion King. To cut a long story short: the musical was breath taking and I recommend everyone too see it! The most thrilling moment of the show was the very beginning. You can feel the magic from the very start with the epic song “Circle of Life” until the end, when curtains close the podium. The dialogs and most of the songs are completely like in the cartoon with some amusing extras and modern day jokes. There are some songs written specifically for the live show.

The Lion King musical already exists since a very long time and still the theatre is always full with visitors. I would suggest to buy tickets 4 weeks in advance to get good seats for a lower price.

London Eye at Night

London Eye at Night
London Eye at Night

After watching a thrilling show you can admire iconic London Eye at night on your way back to the hostel. It’s a great place to take beautiful pictures too.

Day 3

Things to Do in Hackney, ideal place for Hipsters

Hackney, London
Hackney, London

To finish your perfect weekend London itinerary go to a cool district, Hackney. It’s a district in the East of London and it’s a heaven for hipsters and trendy people. But it hasn’t been always like that: Hackney used to be run down area dominated with crime, drugs and gang warfare. But brave young hipsters, just as we know them, could distribute junkies and criminal gangs by opening coffee shops and a weekly market, Broadway Market. It’s an ideal place to discover original clothing, arts, to try authentic street food or just sit down in one of the pubs, cafés, enjoy delicious ice coffee and watch various interesting people passing by.

The Pub on the Park, Hackney, London
The Pub on the Park, Hackney, London

The Hackney area is also popular for it’s huge and always busy park, London Fields. The park is full of smoke and people from all over London, because the other local parks don’t allow to have barbecues or to stay up the whole night. It has an amazing atmosphere and you can see people running, doing free group exercise classes, playing petanque or just relaxing and enjoying the day.

Facilities also include the iconic pub, The Pub on the Park. The pub has pretty simple decoration with outdoor decking areas and splendid vibes. It’s an ideal place to have a drink with your friends and to fancy the delightful burger. Speaking of burgers, The Pub on the Park serves the best burger that I’ve ever tried in my life! The price is reasonable:11₤ for cheeseburger with baked slices of potatoes. Don’t miss it!

One Day in Brussels: The Perfect Itinerary for First-Time Visitors

One Day in Brussels: The Perfect Itinerary for First-Time Visitors

Brussels in One Day

One day in Brussels is enough to see the best of it. As you probably know Brussels is the capital not only of Belgium but also of the European Union. Brussels is Belgium’s main economic and educational spot, what let to define it as a cosmopolitan city full of contrasts. Nevertheless it attracts tourists with it’s historical monuments and various world-class museums.

Interesting to mention is that the city is bilingual, all signs and the name of the streets are written in French and Dutch. The majority speaks French though, so they don’t even understand Dutch. Curious and sad at the same time, the country is divided into two parts, so many of it’s citizens can’t communicate with each other. But let’s talk about beautiful parts of Brussels because there are plenty of them!

If you are planning your day trip to Brussels the best choice to start it from Brussels-Midi train station. From here you will easily reach the city centre within a walking distance. 

10 Things To Do in One Day in Brussels

1. Grand Place

Grand Place Brussels, Belgium
Grand Place Brussels, Belgium

The main touristic spot and Brussels attraction is the city’s main plaza Grand Place and it’s right in the heart of Brussels’ Old Town. The square is full with magnificent architecture in barock style. Moreover it’s considered as one of the most beautiful places in the world. No wonder, the square is surrounded by outstanding buildings decorated with rich gold ornates and gables. The most recongizible architectural masterpiece is the Town Hall, built in the 15th century. The architecture of the beautiful Grand Place reflects the diverse culture and society of Belgium, presenting the influences of different artistic styles. Here you also have a possibility to visit various museums, the prices for the tickets are mostly around 7-9€. If you need a map of the city, don’t buy it in the Info Hall, just go to the little chocolate museum and take one for free.

Manneken Pis Brussels, Belgium

2. Manneken Pis

You’ve probably heard that one of the top things to see in Brussels is the famous urinating little boy of Brussels: “Manneken Pis”. I did it too. My expectations to see the symbol of the rebellious spirit of the City of Brussels were not so high, because what other country would actually use a pissing little boy as a symbol of the city? Moreover my hope to understand the meaning of Belgium’s most famous statue were immediately gone when I saw the microscopic bronze sculpture: 61cm.

3. Waffles

Waffles in Belgium

Best things to do in Brussels is doubtlessly to eat Belgian waffles. Next to the marvelous “monument” is a street full of delicious Belgian waffles. The tempting aroma will lead you to the right direction, where you can find a huge variety of these sugary baked goods from 1 to 10 Euros. The price doesn’t play a major role, all Belgian waffles taste delightful. It’s like Belgian chocolate, the taste will never disappoint you. You can get waffles either hot or cold and even with different toppings like fruits, chocolate, caramel, nuts and more and more of other exquisite extras.

4. Beer Cafe Delirium

Delirium Café in Brussels – World’s Biggest Beer Selection

Belgium is famous all over the world for it’s tremendous beer culture. Since the Middle Ages Belgian folk take it’s reputation seriously, they even designed customized shapes of the glasses for each beer to enhance the flavor. Belgians brew with love and passion numerous variety of beer tastes. Nevertheless if you have an affinity for beers, you should definitely visit Delirium Café in Brussels. It’s one of the main places to visit in Brussels because it has over 3.000 different brands of beer from over 60 countries. This unbelievable record found it’s place even in The Guinness Book of Records.

5. Visit Museums in Brussels

Brussels is hiding a diverse amount of historical treasures, I could write an infinite number of pages describing it’s breathtaking beauty. I will introduce you to a few, that left an impression on me. The Mont des Artes is an architecturally imposing complex of monuments with a wide gorgeous garden. From there you can enjoy a great view on the Grand Place and the historic City of Brussels. Close to this magical  garden you can find the influential achievements of the great Belgian architect Victor Horta. His unique design now regarded as iconic examples of the Art Nouveau style. Horta’s architectural masterpieces with borrowed motifs from nature are even featured on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. You can also visit the Horta museum, which remains a magnificent scene of a fairytale.

If you have a bit more time definitely visit Museum of Natural Sciences.

6. Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert Brussels, Belgium
Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert Brussels, Belgium

In a one day tour to Brussels you can’t miss this place! Close to Grand Place you can find a famous and beautiful shopping arcade Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. There are numerous luxury stores, lovely cafes and a theatre. It’s the perfect place to do window shopping and buy some souvenirs.

7. Comic book murals

Belgium is famous for it’s comic books and protagonists like the Smurfs, Lucky Luke, Tintin and many others. Throughout the city, you will find colourful murals dedicated to them. You can also buy a map of the city just for 1€ which will show you where all comic book murals are. 

8. Brussels Coffee Scene

Brussels Coffee Scene
Brussels Coffee Scene

If you need a break from all walking just visit one of the amazing coffee shops in Brussels. Cafes like L’Atelier en Ville or Cafe Du Sablon take their coffee very seriously. These are ideal spots to have a break with delicious pastry.

9. Visit Parc De Brussels

If you are visiting Brussels during the summer don’t hesitate to explore the beautiful parks of Brussels. It’s a wonderful place to immerse into the peaceful vibes of the vibrant city. I would also suggest to visit Jardin Du Petit Sablon and Parc du Cinquantenaire.

10. Try Traditional Belgian Dishes

What to do in Brussels for a day? Of course try the traditional Belgian cuisine. There are two wonderful places where you can eat in Brussels that I would recommend: Mokafe and Peck 47. These are wonderful options for brunch or lunch. Mokafe will spoil you with wide range of traditional Belgian dishes on their menu. At Peck 47 you can taste savoury waffles with poached eggs.

Other beautiful cities in Belgium that you can’t miss are Bruges and Ghent.

Brussels in a Day The Perfect Itinerary for FirstTime Visitors
Brussels in a Day

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