So, you are planning to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world, which resembles a fairy-tale so it’s time to think about packing. Unfortunately not everything is wonderful in the land of hobbits: the mood of the weather can change in an instant. You may experience all four seasons within 24 hours, that’s why you should think about your packing list really carefully. There are some items, that you doubtlessly need to take with you to be prepared for every scenario and enjoy the fantastic time in NZ’s wonderland!


Very important is to take your Visa, Passport, Credit card and ID with you. New Zealand authorities are very strict with the identification of foreigners. They won’t accept driver’s licenses everywhere, especially if you would like to drink alcohol in one of the places, like a vineyard for example.

Protect yourself from the sunkisses

Sunglasses are essential

Sunglasses are essential

The sun in New Zealand is very bright and dangerous for your skin, because of the ozone layer, that’s why it’s essential to use sunscreen with a minimum factor of 30. You should put it on your skin even if it doesn’t feel so hot. Afterwards it’s important to use some moisturizerSunglasses and hats will be your best friends in New Zealand too.

Rain gear

It can rain non stop in New Zealand, be prepared!

It can rain non stop in New Zealand, be prepared!

As I already mentioned the weather in New Zealand can be very changeable. You should definitely take super waterproof thick jacket with you. It’s very windy on the other side of the planet and umbrellas are pointless. They will just break or worse, even poke someone in the eye. I’m sure you want your travel buddies to see the picturesque views of New Zealand with their own eyes.

Comfy clothes

Crucial items for the packing list is comfortable footwear and clothes. New Zealand is a wonderland, where you will wander around with big surprised eyes, full with the tears of joy. Ok, let’s not exaggerate but you will definitely walk a lot there, that’s why you need a good pair of trainers or walking shoes and comfortable, flexible long and short pants for activities. Sport underwear for girls is also an amazing choice to make your journey easier.

Wear comfortable clothes to explore the surroundings

Wear comfortable clothes to explore the surroundings

Capture the moment

Another essential item for every traveler are electronics. In New Zealand you will see the diverse mix of natural beauty, that’s why it’s important to capture it on a good camera. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to look at the pictures 10-20 years later and think what a rebel you were. Electronic chargers, laptop, power bank, adaptors (the same like in Australia), speaker will be your second best friends after the great people of New Zealand.

Infinite layers

I warned you in the beginning about the moody and unpredictable weather in New Zealand. That means you should take a bit of summer clothes, swimwear, flip flops but also shirts with long sleeves and warm socks to keep your body temperature stable during the cold nights. In general it’s just practical to wear an infinite amount of layers, so you can also save some space in your backpack or suitcase.


In general you will obviously need a bit of money, because New Zealand is an expensive country. Your budget should depend on what kind of activities you would like to experience and how long you want to stay in the land of hobbits. Another tip take some bug protection with you, it will save your skin from annoying itchiness. If you forgot to take one with you, definitely get 2B Natural Insect Repellent. It’s a product of New Zealand, made by locals out of organic oils. It will protect your skin like nothing else, trust me! Don’t wait too long and have a date with adventure!