The Jane, classy seduction in Antwerp

 “The Jane” is a Michelin restaurant in Antwerp famous all over the globe.  It’s one of the masterpieces and treasures combining ancient and modern designs. The history of the building goes back to 1906, when it used to be a military hospital. Nowadays the area is surrounded by fancy and pricy lofts. The carcass of the building stayed untouched but the insides became the creative freaky but tasteful and modern interior. The architectonic composition is not the only reason though, why that place reached high popularity. It’s also the high quality cuisine that is the epitome for the taste journey.

Sexy Upper Room Bar, The Jane

Sexy Upper Room Bar, The Jane

If you have the desire to visit that unique restaurant, then you should reserve a table or place in the upper bar 1-2 months in advance. You can do it easy and quickly online directly on The Jane Website. That place is always full booked, but it doesn’t feel crowdy or busy, because it has enough space to enjoy the interior and sweet conversations. Furthermore be prepared to spend 3-4 hours in The Jane’s wonderland.

Asian Amuse-Gueule, The Jane

Asian Amuse-Gueule, The Jane

We were lucky and could get 2 seats in the upper room bar, the modern kitchen surrounded by the bar where you can sit and observe the chef creating magic on the plates. It is a moment when gastronomy meets the show. From the top bar you can also admire the view of the imposing giant skull, unconventional paintings on the huge windows, original chandelier resembling dancing molecules and the restaurant on the lower level.


Montobello meat with breadsticks in a basil and garlic sauce

Montobello meat with breadsticks in a basil and garlic sauce

The Upper Room Bar’s menu offers you diverse selections of smaller experimental dishes, every single one is a tiny ensemble of the tastes with the ultimate experience. An ideal choice is to order the 8 courses tasting menu for 65€ per Person. The portions might seem tiny in the beginning but there will be plenty of them, so by the end of the divine food trip you will be well fed, satisfied and happy. The cherry on top: you will be served by very friendly and professional staff, that will emphasize the exclusive experience. 

Cured Ham

Cured Ham

Chicken liver Pate with radish

Chicken liver Pate with radish

The Jane has a great reputation for it’s exquisite cocktails, in my opinion though a cocktail is something that you need to savour separately from the dish. For this reason I’ve ordered Sauvignon Blanc and was positively surprised about the wine full with delightful herbal flavors. The water is by the way gratis, so you can drink the essential liquid as much as you want.


shrimps, The Jane

Sea Shrimps with basil sauce

The menu is constantly changing in the Upper Bar, so you will always be surprised what will appear in front of you on the miniature plate. Although every dish is a masterful combination of sophistication and simplicity, intensified by rich flavors.

Fish soup on point

Fish soup on point

One of my favorite dishes was a fish soup in a bouillabaisse style. The soup consists of a mixture of fish varieties, various vegetables as potatoes, green beans and the main part of it, that gives uniqueness in the taste: herbes and spices.

Prosciutto, The Jane

Prosciutto with caviar

Trendy lounge music played by known Djs in the background during the degustation, gives the fragrant scene a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Chocolate divine in the fruit garden

Chocolate divine in the fruit garden

The unforgettable evening reaches it’s climax with the last amazing dish: chocolate ice cream and brownie served in combination with various berry compositions and raspberry-basilicum sauce. A delightful happy ending for a memorable evening in the seductive Jane!



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  1. Katie

    This all looks so delicious!

  2. Kristine

    Wow sounds the delicious and the way you have described everything I just wished I could be there 😍 well done on wonderful post!

  3. Beautiful post Jane… ice cream and brownie with a Michelin Star on top… yes please!

  4. I have read much about Antwerp and it’s art scene there. I really would like to bring my kids there. They are both very artistic and creative. I think their talents will find great venues here.

  5. That food looks absolutely stunning. I’ve never been to Antwerp before but it’s already on my cards x

  6. Elizabeth O

    This looks like an awesome place to visit. The food looks incredible, I bet it was so delicious!

  7. Wonderful.. this all looks so delicious 😛 Icecream and Brownie you can bring it on… <3

  8. Wow! This looks like a spectacular place. The Asian Amuse-Gueule and the Cured Ham look especially good. Great tip about booking 1-2 months in advance. When we someday make it to Antwerp, this will be on our list of things to do!

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