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Review of the Best Ancestry test MyHeritage DNA kit

I’m convinced we all at least once in our lives questioned ourselves what is my heritage? If there is reliable and the best ancestry test to find out more about your family history? Not even being a genius in the history of the world we know that borders of countries were and are constantly changing, people have been traveling and exploring the world so probably our great grand parents also didn’t stay in the same little village their whole lives.

Furthermore I think learning your family history and ancestry is an essential part of understanding yourself. And when you find out your roots you might confirm something you always wondered about, or reveal something you never knew. There are numerous DNA testing companies but I’ve discovered an affordable MyHeritage DNA kit.

My personal MyHeritage DNA test review

So thinking about all these vital life changing questions I decided to amaze my boyfriend with this original present so he can discover his DNA genealogy and ethnic origins. I’ve read DNA kit reviews and decided to go with ancestry DNA test kit from  MyHeritage. It shows you with a simple DNA check great ancestry results like from which geographic regions and ethnic groups you come from. I saw that customers from all over the world can purchase it so I ordered one online. It was delivered within a few days. It was so simple to accomplish everything and the results were so interesting in the end that I couldn’t resist to order another one for myself too!

MyHeritage DNA kit

MyHeritage DNA kit

So how does ancestry DNA test kit of MyHeritage work?

Opened box of MyHeritage Media Kit

Opened box of MyHeritage Media Kit

After ordering ancestry DNA test kit online as I mentioned before within few days you will receive modern and cleverly designed box. By the way if you want to send it as a gift you can also ship the DNA kit to the address of this lucky person. All instructions can be found within the box. They are very simple, first of all activate your account with a few easy steps online. Afterwards use the sticks to scrape the inside of your cheeks for 1 minute each. It means no blood or any other tests should be provided, it’s pure saliva ethnicity test. The saliva samples will go into the special vials which you need to mail to the lab in enclosed envelope. You need to pay for porto costs so it depends on your country how much it will be. Anyhow it’s a little letter and in Belgium I’ve paid less than 5€.

What you will find inside of MyHeritage DNA box

What you will find inside of MyHeritage DNA box

When will I get my results?

Online results of MyHeritage DNA test

Online results of MyHeritage DNA test

Within the first 2 weeks you will get an email from MyHeritage that your vials with saliva ethnicity test have arrived in the lab and after that it will take around another 3-4 weeks. You will be informed via email when your DNA ancestry results are ready to be viewed. And after your DNA analysis you might discover some surprises like I did!

My personal results of MyHeritage DNA test

My personal results of MyHeritage DNA test

My personal results of MyHeritage DNA test

My personal results of MyHeritage DNA test

My Heritage DNA results

After viewing a little video presenting my ethnic origins and geographic regions I could look at my DNA results a little bit closer. I had no idea what’s my heritage could be. It was an unexpected surprise to discover that I have Japanese and Eskimo roots! I have no idea where it could come from but the 2,2% of Finnish ethnicity explains my affinity for cold Suomi and handsome Ville Valo.

Why you should do Family TreeDNA test

The other interesting thing is that you can find and connect with new relatives who share your DNA. Additionally you can create a family tree DNA results to uncover the full story of your family. I believe creating and building a family tree lets you leave a legacy for your children. Invaluable family history that could be lost forever can now be documented and passed from generation to generation. Isn’t it fantastic?

It also makes sense to provide your parents with the DNA kit so you will gain additional information like which of your results is maternal or paternal. Good to know: Your siblings may get different results as you do because of the nature of genetic inheritance.

Use this coupon and you will get free shipping: ELYSIANMOMENT.  Definitely try MyHeritage because it’s a best genealogy test and without any doubt it’s one of the most interesting and useful things to spend money. You can also give DNA origin test as a present because it’s something that will stay with you and your family forever.


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  1. This is one of the single most important reasons to do family history research. Preserve family traditions or cultures. Keeping the traditions your family cherishes going is important to keep future generations involved and some of the cultures of your family’s country of origin alive.

  2. I heard a lot of people discovered more about themselves because of using this. It’s going to be an interesting find for me for sure. I know I have Spanish and Filipino blood in me and it’s going to be interesting to find traces of other ethnicity in my genes.

  3. wow, this sounds interesting, all i know from my grandparents that we have a lil bit of Spanish blood, ohh well Philippines was ruled by Spanish before. 🙂

  4. its very important to know our family roots but usually its stories passed down from generation after generation. My heritage DNA kit sounds interesting.

  5. I love this idea. How brilliant to find out where your families origins are.

  6. I’m so happy to come across this article because I have been wanting a DNA test to get to my origins for the longest time. I tried purchasing the test from another company but apparently they don’t do it outside of the US.

  7. Blair villanueva

    Wow this is cool, and would be nice to know who are our ancestors, probably from various places on Earth! Is this available for shipment anywhere?

  8. Wow, that’s interesting. Thanks for sharing such a detailed article… 🙂

  9. Rosey

    I think it would be cool to run a DNA kit. I’ve always been a little curious of my true heritage.

  10. Oh my gosh, I didn’t even know that these kits existed! They look fab and may be worth a try.

  11. Chinedu

    This must have been fun to do! I may try it sometime in the future.

  12. These kits sound so interesting! I’d love to find out a bit more of my family history

  13. Ahhh this is so interesting and something I have always wanted to learn more about! Thank you for sharing! I’d love to discover something new about my family tree!

  14. I did this last summer and it was very interesting! I discovered much more about my heritage beyond the knowledge that has been passed down from family members.

  15. Melissa

    I have heard a lot about this. This is really interesting. I would love to know that much about my heritage.

  16. This is interesting. I have a friend who might find this really helpful. Just shared this post with him.

  17. I’ve been umming and arring about getting a DNA test and which is the best company to go with. Might give this one a go.

  18. What a great idea! It’s so interesting to learn more about yourself by discovering your family heritage!

  19. I did the Ancestry DNA test earlier this year! I’ve heard good things about MyHeritage as well. I loved finding out about my ethnic origins. I knew I was going to be roughly half Filipino half black but I had no idea what countries in Africa specifically my ancestors were brought from until I took the test. And also that I was 17% Irish! This post is so exciting, and so interesting to see what results other people got!

  20. This is something really cool. I listen about this hardly one or two times so I didn’t know much about this. But you explain each and everything from start to end and now I want to try this.

  21. They have some pretty great DNA kits out there. I have never done one myself, but I am really thinking about doing one soon. I would love to find out all of my ancestry.

  22. Elizabeth O

    This sounds like a great kit! I love the idea of discovering more about where we come from via our DNA!

  23. This is one of the best read of today 🙂 Ethics, traditions, culture gives a way of living to any individual which needs to be preserved

  24. I have seen several kits like this recently. It’s always super interesting to me. This is definitely something that I would love to try!

  25. blair villanueva

    Finding your heritage would be a nice idea. And knowing your origin would add more value and understand of being you.

  26. Wow this is such a cool test! Not only for you but also for your family! I’ll make to try it too!

  27. I never heard about this myheritage DNA kit. I would be quite curious to try it!

  28. I do believe I will get around to doing this one day. I am familiar with my primary ancestry but I am sure there are a few surprises in store.

  29. Wow…..DNA kits sound cool. I should get mine done soon enough!

  30. Jennifer Prince

    I haven’t heard of this service. We did another one just because so many of our known family members had done that same one already. The results are so interesting! 🙂

  31. Oh wow, I’ve never heard of this before. Definitely, a worth trying. There is nothing more interesting than finding your heritage. Thanks for bringing this into the light.
    Btw, I am a fellow Belgian too, I live in Antwerpen. Glad to meet you here. The world is so small 🙂

  32. Frank

    Do you feel the results were accurate? I would be skeptical to how much info they can gain from some saliva that’s been sitting in a tube for a while! It definitely looks cool if it works though!

  33. This test is beyond cool! To think that they can obtain all of that information from a simple cheek swab amazes me.

  34. This so cool! I would love to try this one of these days, a lot of people have asked if I’m part Indian. Apparently, my nose and other facial features resemble some Indian traits. This would be something I would enjoy doing to get my family history.

  35. Oh my this is so interesting! If not for the cost, I would go for this. But I am a Filipino and I live in the Philippines so this can be very expensive. I know my maternal grandfather has origins in Spain while my grandmother’s side is from China. And as for my father’s they have Spanish-Malay roots. I wanna know more! huhuhu

  36. catherine shane

    This is how important having a family reunion that you will know the root history of each of the family specially each generation., And there some situation that you’ll don’t even know that your suitors, boyfriend/girlfriend are one of your lost long relatives ..

    • Kate

      Haha this is when you live in a village or little town then for sure almost everyone is somehow related 🙂

  37. We are from all over and that’s what makes us similar. I am very skittish with giving away DNA samples but admit I am curious of what it would say.

    • Kate

      I understand your fears but in this case it’s written black on white that they are not allowed to do anything with your DNA and if you tell them they must destroy it.

  38. So many people are doing this these days, including my mom and brother, but I haven’t done this yet. However, it would be fun and interesting!

    • Kate

      You can even start your family tree with MyHeritage! I think its cool because it will stay forever and won’t get lost.

  39. Eileen

    I’ve always been so curious about these! It’s so interesting they can trace back your origins!

  40. This is the first time I head about it and I guess it is a great development. I wonder if this is already available here in Asia. I would be curious to try it out and see its accuracy. 🙂

  41. This is really interesting, I would love to find out my roots as well.

  42. My parents are really into tracing our family tree and have talked off and on about getting a DNA test. I really hope they do because it would be fun to see if our genes match up with what they’ve been uncovering through their research.

    • Kate

      Sometime research doesn’t reveal the real heritage, I for instance always though that I have German&Russian roots in my family, comes out that it’s not the fact. The same with the friend of mine, he thought his surname is Italian so he should have Italian roots, none if it 🙂 And it’s a good time to get this test cause there is a promo code!

  43. Surekha Busa

    Wow, this is such a very interesting post and I can say that it is so important for a person to know what roots they are coming from.

  44. I’ve heard of these and I definitely want to do it myself.

    • Kate

      I think it’S something that someone should try out! there is also a promo code 😉

  45. Kate werth

    I really want to know the specifics of my Heritage, and I always want to do something like this or 23andMe but it’s so expensive! On my mom’s side I am only 3rd Generation American and on my dad’s side I am 2nd to 4th. So I know a lot of my family history but my dad’s mom’s side was a family of gypsies from Hungry who collected members along the way of different races and heritage’s so it’d be really interesting to find out what there is

  46. Love it! I have my family tree on Ancestry, but I keep meaning to do a dna test to see more of my origin story, since international searching costs more to research the slow way. Love to hear your experience with dna testing!

  47. Thank you for the promo code, I’ve been wanting to do this for some reason I always forgot. Adding this to My Christmas wish list

  48. Very cool! I love geeking out to learning about my family history and DNA. I’ve never heard of this DNA kit. I’ll have to check it out!

  49. Nowadays there are many cross border marriages and this would be useful to identify the root. I just wonder what is the cost to do so.

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