stella and dot jewelry reviews

Review of a successful online jewelry store Stella & Dot

I’ve discovered a new online shop with beautiful collections of fashion jewelry and accessories with the name Stella & Dot. A great fact about it is that Stella & Dot offers unique design as well as quality. Most of the exquisite necklaces are made out of gold or silver which gives the jewelry durability. I think it’s a big problem nowadays to find a lovely bijou that lasts more than one season and won’t cost a fortune just because of it’s design.

stella and dot jewelry reviews

Stella & Dot Jewelry Review

The story of Stella & Dot

The story of Stella & Dot is also very interesting and inspiring. It begins with Jessica Herrin who has finished Stanford Graduate School of Business and afterwards gone on to co-found of the one wedding website at the young age of 24. After a while Jessica decided to start her own business focusing on designing of jewelry and DIY jewelry kits.

In 2007, Jessica decided together with co-founder Blythe Harris to start a new brand with the catchy name Stella & Dot. They named their business after their grandmothers which is very charming in my opinion. And on top of it these two ladies were mentioned in fashion Bibles like Vogue and InStyle! Impressive, right?

Trendy Jewelry for Women

Stella & Dot feminine Jewellery

Stella & Dot feminine Jewellery

There is a full range of women’s jewellery at Stella & Dot for every taste from bohemian until classy elegant. I love their jewelry because it has a statement. There are various timeless pieces but also jewelry with modern details. As I already mentioned most of the bijous are crafted out of silver, gold and unexpected, contemporary materials.

I personally prefer modern simplicity that will give me as a woman a cool attitude and emphasizes my trendy style. That’s why my favourite ones are these

Stella & Dot trendy jewellery fashion

Stella & Dot trendy jewellery

Nevertheless for those who prefer a bold collection to make simple outfits more interesting there are numerous choices for that too!

Stella & Dot bold jewelry with statement

Stella & Dot bold jewelry with statement

You can also get some inspiration from the Stella and Dot customers who post their pictures on Social Media. There are many very interesting and inspiring looks!

How about to become an independent stylist?

I’ve never thought that it could be a lovely profession on the side being an independent stylist. But actually it sounds like fun. If you feel like you have good taste and want to help people to look beautiful and confident then it could be something very interesting.

Stella & Dot offers plenty of support for beginners, they will set you up with your personal website and provide training. It means no experience is needed to start being your own boss. Ok, you need to invest a bit of money into it but there is nothing for free which has good quality.

I think it’s pretty cool for a business woman to try to be an independent stylist. There is not much to lose and furthermore you can choose your working hours and work from home, organize girls-jewellery parties or just visit people with your collections. Sounds very flexible to me!



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  1. It was a good read. And to be honest I liked some of the jewelries in the picture. This can be helpful for people I know. So I am gonna share it with them.

  2. I love the small dainty pieces in their collections! What a great company!

  3. This is a impressive story. Thanks!

  4. It was good to read. Congratulations for your store. You got some amazing jewellery piece. I must check out on store. Do you deliver abroad?

  5. Wow, I love these jewelry designs. They are so fashionable, maybe I will order a few of those for my family members.

  6. Oh, I’m obsessed with Stella & Dot! I’m constantly browsing their website because the pieces are so cute! I had no idea about the history of the company though – thanks for sharing and making this post!

  7. i rally agree with you, these jewels are lovely, in particular the earrings are so gipsy and fashionable

  8. Great read here with lovely photos. I have been to a Stella and Dot party before. I got a few accessories.

  9. I have seen and love the Stella & Dot jewelry, but never heard the back story. What a great story.

  10. I love Stella and Dot! It is a great company with quality products! I never knew that about her relation to theknot!

  11. I know a friend who is an independent rep for Stella & Dot. Their products can be hit or miss. Some are affordable and great quality, but some are not.

  12. My wife would surely lobe these amazing collections. Forwarding this post to her. Im sure she will get back here!

  13. Wow Stella & Dot sound amazing! I love the sound of their jewellery and that it is made out of silver and gold! I also like the idea of being able to chose between bold statements or more simplistic styles 🙂

  14. Those necklaces are beautiful! Sounds like a fun way to make some extra money.

  15. I am loving all of these pieces by Stella and Dot! I wish I had a bigger overdraft limit, so I could buy them all! x

  16. This does look like a great online jewelry store. I will have to show this to my daughter. She will be interested.

  17. At first, the simpler designs you posted caught my eye as I like the minimal look, but when I clicked through to their site, I noticed quite a few statement pieces that are pretty unique, and as you’ve said, would stand out against simple outfits. A bit on the pricey side, but great for special occasions so will be checking them out again…Thanks for sharing! <3

  18. I love the style of those dainty necklaces

  19. all these pieces are so gorgeous!

  20. I’ve always wanted to get some pieces from Stella & Dot!

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