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Endless entertainment in Melbourne’s CBD

CBD, which means Central Business District, is the sophisticated heart of the city Melbourne with it’s chic eateries and fancy rooftop bars. Important to mention is that the tram looping around the city is free for everyone, so you don’t need to be worried if you don’t have enough credit on your myki card. Furthermore it’s a great destination for shopping opportunities for fashionistas. But before you plan to visit Down Under check the essential packing list for Australia so you will be prepared for everything!

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Station, Melbourne

Flinders Street Station is a breathtaking building and an iconic meeting spot in Melbourne. It’s Australia’s first central metropolitan train terminus, which was built in 1910. The station is the city’s known landmark and an ideal place for beautiful pictures. Next to it you can discover Sandridge Bridge from where you can enjoy magnificent Yarra River views.

Time for a coffee at Center Place

Center Place, Melbourne

Close to Flinders Street Station you will find Collins Street, which is a well known cafe strip with exceptional coffee, delightful food and a brilliant atmosphere. The narrow street filled with small cafes and terrific design resembles Parisian street style.

Street art

Graffiti Street, Melbourne CBD

Melbs is a very artistic city and the city provides it’s creative citizens with public spaces, where they can express themselves. One of the city’s greatest attraction is Hoisin Lane in the CBD, which is full with magnificent graffitis from various street artists. The whole street is like a self-moderated colorful exhibition with a vibrant urban environment. Just look for the favorite graffiti and voila, you will have a new cool Instagram picture to show off.

Amazing rooftops

Melbourne’s CBD is full with outdoor bars with rooftops and it’s spectacular views. Melbourne might have not the best weather, but when the temperature rises the ideal way of enjoying the great life with the drink in your hand is doubtlessly on one of the rooftops. Here are some of my favorites:

Father’s Office is a bar and restaurant just next to the State Library of Victoria with an unexpectedly spacious magnitude. It has a great view on the center of the city and a wonderful easy-going atmosphere. During the day you can enjoy delicious meals. The 1920s-30s decoration and furniture gives the bar a cozy and classy feeling. In the evening you can catch up with your friends and have cocktails and drinks for a good price.

The Carlton, Melbourne

If you prefer something extravagant and atypical then you are going to admire The Carlton. The unusual design with the huge puppet animals like a giraffe and ostrich reminds of a little hidden jungle in the heart of the city draped in velvet. The rooftop is a perfect place to escape the loud metropolis and to immerse yourself into the green oasis with big palms and delicious drinks. So cheerz!

The rooftop at Siglo bar is an ideal urban hideaway to enjoy a cocktail in an elegant and sophisticated way. The bar is located in the beautiful Imperial Hotel, high above Bourke and Spring Street in Melbourne. You will definitely fall in love with stunning views from the rooftop terrace, where you can see the magnificent Parliament house and a chic but still relaxed atmosphere.

Visit iconic Queen Victoria Market

Oysters from Victoria Market, Melbourne

Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market is the largest open air market in Australia full with it’s multicultural diversity. It’s a perfect place to start your day with a tasty brekky. You can order Melb’s famous coffee or even have fancy fresh oysters for a low price. Afterwards it’s time to browse around all the stalls and see what wares the vendors are peddling. The food junkies will discover a whole array of produce from exotic fruits to smelly cheese and all that once lived. When your stomach feels satisfied and you suddenly realize that your wardrobe hasn’t been updated in a while, then pass by the section where different styles from vintage until modern are plentiful. Queen Victoria Market is always keen to entertain it’s visitors and organizes different events like Night Markets or Food Fusion.

Time to get some knowledge in Melbourne’s Museums

Melbourne is a great city to visit various inspiring exhibitions and get to know about history and culture. There are plenty of various huge museums like National Gallery of Victoria, Scienceworks and Melbourne Museum. Insider tip: In ACMI you can visit the permanent exhibition of digital culture and television for free. If you are child of the 90s then everything will be familiar to you, but you will immerse into your nostalgic childhood. For the newer generation it will be interesting to explore the biography of  games, the internet and television.

Meet Fortuna in Crown Casino

Crown Casino, Melbourne

Melbourne is very proud of it’s Crown Casino & Entertainment Complex, one of the largest Casino complexes in the world. It’s not only a place for gambling 24/7 but also a tremendous venue with a cinema, hotel, spas, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. If Fortuna was sitting next to you while you were trying your luck at one of the casino tables, then afterwards you can enjoy a fancy drink on the terrace of the imposing complex. The facilities stretch along the waterfront of Yarra River, which is the perfect location to enjoy summer days in Melbs. If you start to feel cold on the terrace, then be prepared for warming up: from Monday till Friday starting from 9 PM the spectacular fireshow begins! Massive fireballs get released from eight ten meter high towers, which will definitely make you feel hot!

Green Wonderland of the Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanical Garden, CBD, Melbourne

Royal Botanic Garden, Melbourne

Royal Botanic Garden, Melbourne

Another magnificent part of Melbourne’s CBD is the tremendous Royal Botanic Garden, which provides you with an ideal escape from the city jungle into the magnitude of beautiful nature. Since 1846 it empresses with picturesque views of a diverse collection of over 50.000 native and exotic plants extended on over 36 hectares. There is definitely enough space for everybody to explore the garden’s wildlife filled with black swans, cockatoos and other colorful species, discover a little oasis with the lakes and enjoy the tranquil settings. In the summer you can even experience an outdoor cinema, numerous events and various performances. You should doubtlessly find time for the green wonderland of the Royal Botanic Garden!

Food that makes you fly

Korean Food Sam Sam, Melbourne

After a long day of walking and exploring the magnitude of the CBD’s treasures it is time to relax and to taste the great kitchen of Melbourne. There are plenty of places to spoil yourself, Melbourne offers only great food. But I will reveal my secret and tell about my precious location, Sam Sam. It’s a Korean restaurant in the heart of Swanston St. with an amazing vibe and the best Korean Fried Chicken ever. Sam Sam doesn’t offer much area to sit, but if you are lucky and get a table, then you feel cozy in the modern venue. The portions are pretty big, that’s why it’s better to go with the group of 3-4 people, so you can order and taste different dishes, still you will probably roll out of the restaurant by the time you finish dining. The best meal of the restaurant, which will make you not only satisfied but literally high: the crispy fried chicken with hot&spicy sweet soy sauce. Believe me, after you’ve tried them you will be obsessed!

Perfect Weekend in Antwerp itinerary to Have a Memorable Time

Antwerp is a compact and cozy city and it means in one weekend you will see most of it. It’s also one of the most commonly visited cities in Belgium and the second largest city in the Kingdom of waffles. The city has plenty of things to be proud of and in this weekend in Antwerp itinerary I will introduce you to the most significant ones. 

 If you are planning to visit Antwerp check out my tips and tricks how to travel light!

2 Days in Antwerp: What to See on the 1st Day

This itinerary is also ideal for a one day trip to Antwerp. Anyway it’s better to come to Antwerp by train and not only because of the costs but also because you will arrive in one of the most beautiful train stations worldwide. I promise you, you will be magnified by the extraordinary architecture of the 19th century. 

It’s also beneficial to get an Antwerp City Card if you stay for the whole weekend in Antwerp. You will be able to enjoy public transport and various museums for free. You can also get some great discounts with this City Card. 

Place to visit: Grote Markt Antwerp, Belgium


Romantic Things to Do in Antwerp: Visit the Diamond District

One of the main things to do in Antwerp is to visit the legendary Diamond district. Antwerp is “The World’s Capital of Diamonds”. It has a decent district with diamond dealers, merchants and brokers, who are by the way mostly Jewish. Since a long time diamond trading is ruled by jewish people. After all if you found the love of your life and you feel that your relationship is going to another level, don’t hesitate to go to the city of diamonds. Undoubtedly you will find the perfect ring and she won’t even think to say “no” to you! We all know, diamonds are a girl’s best friends! My advice before you walk around, go to Diamond Land and get closer information about the gems there, but be aware, the prices outside of that store are lower, much lower.

Ice Caramel Latte at Pelican Rouge, Antwerp

You were probably asking yourself why Antwerp is the city of diamonds? What is so special about it is that almost 80% of all diamonds all over the world are shipped to Belgium? So, here is the answer: Antwerp just got lucky! It has second biggest harbor in Europe and furthermore the position of the port is ideal: it’s in the heart of Europe. Since 15th century all trading including the diamond trading were happening here.

Antwerp Tourists Attractions: Ruben’s House

If you travel to Antwerp you should know the city is famous for it’s artists. Great artists like Rubens, who is famous for his affinity for voluptuous nudes, and other renowned painters include Weyden and Van Eyck were born in this inspiring city. A typical touristic place is Rubens House, built in 17th century architectural style containing a modest collection of his work. Worth to see it. My advice, if you don’t want to waste all your money on museums, then visit Antwerp in the last week of the month. On the last Wednesday all museum are gratis, so you will have more money to enjoy Belgian beer.

Antwerp Sightseeing: Cathedral of Our Lady

One more important monument of Antwerp: the seven-aisled gothic Cathedral of our Lady. The background story of that cathedral is very dramatic: it took over two centuries to build the magnificent monument and some tragic accidents happened during the constructions. It was damaged a couple of times through fire and different wars, so a high amount of artistic treasures were destroyed. Only by the end of the 19th century the church was finally completely restored. Nowadays the cathedral possesses some meaningful masterpieces of Rubens.

Places to Visit in Antwerp: Grote Markt

Antwerp means “throw the hand” and it’s name comes from an interesting Belgian myth. Once upon a time a giant Antigoon was terrifying the city. A young brave man Brabo defeated the villain by cutting his hand off and throwing it into the river. The imposing statue which captures the moment of glory is standing proudly in front of the Town Hall at the Grote Markt square. At the Grote Markt you will notice that the medieval city impresses with it’s beautiful architecture and splendid art.

If you get hungry read more about Hippe Restaurants in Antwerp that you should definitely visit.

Things to Do in Antwerp in the evening or night

Another attractive and currently hipster area of Antwerp is the South, Zuid. In that young and vivid district you will be always entertained: numerous markets, exhibitions and delightful cafés and restaurants. Great place to visit and to enjoy good weather and fascinating view of the stone monument with the God of the sea, Neptune on top of it, is Marnix Square. Go there to bar Neptune, it’s very cozy pub with a friendly and sociable young service. In the evening the square is crowded with sympathetic and chatty people, occasionally you can even meet Belgian celebrities. Last but not least it’s an amazing spot to get to know new people and have nice conversations.

Perfect Weekend in Antwerp: Day 2

Antwerp Guide: Harbour & MAS Museum

Start your day at Antwerp’s harbor. Here you will find various cafés, restaurants and even a museum. Get some great coffee from Pelican Rouge. After the caffeine energy boost it’s time to visit the MAS museum: a tremendous modern architecture of red brick decorated with little hands. Honestly I’m not fascinated by that building, my personal opinion is it doesn’t fit to the lovely historic harbor of Antwerp. Although inside of the museum you can discover different exhibitions on 9 levels. On the top of the MAS you can experience the panoramic view of the city, which is breathtaking.

Visit Shopping Street Meir & Fashion Museum MoMu

Modest Antwerp is additionally famous for being an international fashion capital. The fashion department at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts laid down the foundation for many talented and creative designers. Belgium is very quiet about communicating the achievements of it’s artists though. At the shopping street Meir you can find numerous amounts of stores and whatever your personal taste or style is, in this city you can always shop till you drop. If you are not interesting in spending money on the designer clothes, you can learn something about fashion: visit MoMu, the museum of fashion.

Check out Graffiti Street & Drink Belgian Beers with locals

Pink Graffiti Street, Antwerp

Graffiti Street, Antwerp

After gathering historical knowledge it’s time to get to know the Belgian beer culture. Moreover the best way to consume some delicious gold drink is at the places where you can find only locals. One of them is charming Zeezicht: it’s located a bit further from the city center in the Zurenborg area on the square surrounded by splendid old buildings. Pay attention to the names of the streets, they are definitely amusing. Close to the cafe you can also discover a long serpentine of colorful graffitis. It’s the perfect location for a new profile picture!

Beer at Zeezicht, Antwerp, Belgium

These are three beers of Antwerp, that you definitely need to try:

  • De Koninck 5,2%, it’s Antwerp in the bottle! It has been launched in 1913 and has quite bitter taste with complex and delicious aroma of toffee, chestnut and caramel.
  • Duvel 6,8%, special golden blond beer. It’s smooth and refreshing transparent beer with citrus notes.
  • Kriek 4-6%, cherry cooling beer, perfect for girls.


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