Do you know that feeling, when you just have arrived in a new town, you are hungry and your only goal for that moment is to sit down and realize where you are now. But then you face the challenge: Where should you go? Most of the time you just run after all tourists to the main street and land in the one of the expensive restaurants, but you are so desperate so you are ready to pay all you have just to get your little cup of coffee. Sometimes though, fortune gives her hand and you end up accidentally in an unexpectedly delightful place. So that happened to me in Gent! I discovered an adorable restaurant with the name “Three Monkeys” .

What is so good about that place? First of all the service is very charming, friendly and quick and this is already half of the price! Secondary the food is divine: The portion of the meal gives a smile on your face, the optic forces you to pick up your camera and memorize it and last but not least, the taste of the food is just fantastic! Tertiary the prices are low if you compare it to other restaurant in Gent or in Belgium in general.

We ordered Tuna burger, fries and salad. All these were done on point: the fries were crispy and garnished with parsley and lemon-lime mayo, tuna steak was seared to preserve it’s juiciness. So after we finished our meal we left the restaurant not only satisfied but with the feeling that we had a really nice experience.

So if you are in Gent, don’t hesitate and visit that charming place!