Why babynest from Snabelreden is so important

One of the great products that I haven’t found in any online articles but discovered through my friends is a babynest. It’s an exciting journey to become parents. Nevertheless it can also be very stressful because you are constantly figuring out what you definitely need in your household to make your’s and baby’s life more comfortable. . I’m also mentioning it here because it’s an essential item for traveling with your baby. You can use your nest anywhere around the house and furthermore it’s perfect for travelling as your little one can rest anywhere stress free!



But not all baby nests are the same, there are various brands with various qualities. In my opinion the greatest one is from the danish brand Snabelreden. It’s not only gorgeous but it’s also filled with the 100% organic natural material kapok and sewed in GOTS certified organic cotton fabric. It means there are no bad materials included and nothing can harm your baby.



The importance of baby nest for babies

Newborns spend a lot of time sleeping, so it is crucial that their sleeping area is safe. All Snabelreden babynests were designed with safety as a priority: It protects the baby from falling and provides a secure comfortable space for the little one. Just place it on a flat surface, away from any edge that it could fall from and let your baby immense into the sweet world of dreams.

Untied babynest Snabelreden

How to wash baby nest

If you are wondering how to wash it then I have great news for you! You can take off the cover and wash it in the machine on 30°. However, the inside pillow should be washed by hand – because of the kapok. It is very slow to dry completly. But it is possible to wash it in 30° in the machine, and then tumbledry it for 1-2 hours on 60°.

Babynest Snabelreden made in Danmark

The only thing that I need to warn you about is that it’s very hard to choose just one Snabelreden babynest, because all of them are unique aesthetic masterpieces. I was the lucky one to provide you with a 10% discount, just use the following giftcode: KATETHEGREAT10



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  1. That looks like a great product. I haven’t seen it before. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I had no idea about this product. Thanks for the information 🙂

  3. These are so useful with babies! Especially if you have other children or your little is starting to wiggle more. And you’re absolutely right, this is beautiful. It looks more like a piece of art than a baby product. 😍

  4. I love the idea of a babynest for young children and the mustard floral aesthetic is absolutely gorgeous, thank you for the discount code too. I like that they are made from natural materials as well.

  5. thank you for sharing this information. I will share it with my friends who have tiny humans

  6. I wish I had read posts like this when my baby nephew was born! Thanks for sharing though!

    Oliver x

  7. This product looks very comfortable, and i like that it’s made from hundred percent organic materials. I think the Snabelreden baby nest is really perfect for babies.

  8. I wish I had this when my kids were smaller! It’s really going to make you feel better because you know that your baby is all comfy and safe! I love the design!

  9. Blair villanueva

    These are so comfortable nest! Is there an adult version for this? Would be a great help for those with insomnia.

  10. Oh wow what a beautiful babynest. I absolutely love the detailing and functionality. I’d actually love to pick one up for a baby shower for a friend.

  11. Jennifer Prince

    Oh my! What a snuggly place for baby to be. I can see babies feeling so loved and secure in this. And it’s cute, too!

  12. This was really an eye opener! What a good an informative read! Thank you ❤️

  13. I am so sure that every baby is going to love this comfy baby nest. Very well written post and a detailed one. Will share with all moms I know.

  14. wow what an eye opening experience- great read and def will be sharing with others!

  15. I hadn’t heard of babynest yet, but what a comfy looking item to have. I am glad you introduced me to it!

  16. Wow I wish I had this for my baby when he was a newborn, I would worry on where should I let him sleep, and this babynest would be a good idea, but now he is 4 months old, and I don’t think he would fit anymore. The design is so cute also.

    • Kate

      mine is 6 months and bigger than average baby and I still use it! 🙂

  17. I had one of those cute baby nests for my boys when they were babies. Thanks for the wonderful review!

  18. Ash Talk

    I’ve no baby yet being unmarried. LOL, but your post has added value to my information about the products related to babies. I can advise someone else to get it online at least.

  19. Looks like a great product. Baby nest is a comfortable place for a baby to sleep.

  20. This looks very comfy but would the nest in any way be dangerous? I mean couldn’t they somehow get stuck? sorry. I know I’m a Debbie Downer but I always like to be super cautious especially when it comes to babies.

    • Kate

      no, no, they can’t get stuck 😀 It can be only dangerous if you leave your already older baby, who is moving a lot and he can fall out. But it’s with everything, you need to keep an eye on the little one the whole time 🙂

  21. Simerbir Singh

    I like the idea. I think babynest is essential for every family.

  22. Komal

    Oh my gosh! If is so cute and bohemian looking. when I have a child this is something I will be looking into for sure!

  23. This baby nest looks really nice and it looks so comfy too. Its good to know its made from safe material keeping babies in mind.

  24. Dee

    They look fantastic, shame I haven’t heard of them when my kid were babies

  25. My “baby” is 22 but this would have been so useful when he was younger!

  26. That baby nest looks very comfortable and would be just perfect for a new born baby. And I agree that proper material should be considered when getting one to ensure the baby is not put to harm.

  27. Snabelreden’s babynest is really awesome product… I never used it but this looks more safe for babies while sleeping than putting pillows nearby.

  28. I don’t have children of my own but I do know it is important that new borns have a safe spot to sleep so this baby nest looks like a great option for new parents!

  29. Mel

    I’ve never come across Babynest, but I love it! Had I seen it when I had my babies, I would definitely have bought one!

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