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The best ancestry test with MyHeritage DNA kit

I’m convinced we all at least once in our lives questioned ourselves what is my heritage? If there is reliable and the best ancestry test to find out more about your family history? Not even being a genius in the history of the world we know that borders of countries were and are constantly changing, people have been traveling and exploring the world so probably our great grand parents also didn’t stay in the same little village their whole lives.

Furthermore I think learning your family history and ancestry is an essential part of understanding yourself. And when you find out your roots you might confirm something you always wondered about, or reveal something you never knew. There are numerous DNA testing companies but I’ve discovered an affordable MyHeritage DNA kit.

My personal MyHeritage DNA test review

So thinking about all these vital life changing questions I decided to amaze my boyfriend with this original present so he can discover his DNA genealogy and ethnic origins. I’ve read DNA kit reviews and decided to go with ancestry DNA test kit from  MyHeritage. It shows you with a simple DNA check great ancestry results like from which geographic regions and ethnic groups you come from. I saw that customers from all over the world can purchase it so I ordered one online. It was delivered within a few days. It was so simple to accomplish everything and the results were so interesting in the end that I couldn’t resist to order another one for myself too!

MyHeritage DNA kit

MyHeritage DNA kit

So how does ancestry DNA test kit of MyHeritage work?

Opened box of MyHeritage Media Kit

Opened box of MyHeritage Media Kit

After ordering ancestry DNA test kit online as I mentioned before within few days you will receive modern and cleverly designed box. By the way if you want to send it as a gift you can also ship the DNA kit to the address of this lucky person. All instructions can be found within the box. They are very simple, first of all activate your account with a few easy steps online. Afterwards use the sticks to scrape the inside of your cheeks for 1 minute each. It means no blood or any other tests should be provided, it’s pure saliva ethnicity test. The saliva samples will go into the special vials which you need to mail to the lab in enclosed envelope. You need to pay for porto costs so it depends on your country how much it will be. Anyhow it’s a little letter and in Belgium I’ve paid less than 5€.

What you will find inside of MyHeritage DNA box

What you will find inside of MyHeritage DNA box

When will I get my results?

Online results of MyHeritage DNA test

Online results of MyHeritage DNA test

Within the first 2 weeks you will get an email from MyHeritage that your vials with saliva ethnicity test have arrived in the lab and after that it will take around another 3-4 weeks. You will be informed via email when your DNA ancestry results are ready to be viewed. And after your DNA analysis you might discover some surprises like I did!

My personal results of MyHeritage DNA test

My personal results of MyHeritage DNA test

My personal results of MyHeritage DNA test

My personal results of MyHeritage DNA test

My Heritage DNA results

After viewing a little video presenting my ethnic origins and geographic regions I could look at my DNA results a little bit closer. I had no idea what’s my heritage could be. It was an unexpected surprise to discover that I have Japanese and Eskimo roots! I have no idea where it could come from but the 2,2% of Finnish ethnicity explains my affinity for cold Suomi and handsome Ville Valo.

Why you should do Family TreeDNA test

The other interesting thing is that you can find and connect with new relatives who share your DNA. Additionally you can create a family tree DNA results to uncover the full story of your family. I believe creating and building a family tree lets you leave a legacy for your children. Invaluable family history that could be lost forever can now be documented and passed from generation to generation. Isn’t it fantastic?

It also makes sense to provide your parents with the DNA kit so you will gain additional information like which of your results is maternal or paternal. Good to know: Your siblings may get different results as you do because of the nature of genetic inheritance.

Use this coupon and you will get free shipping: ELYSIANMOMENT.  Definitely try MyHeritage because it’s a best genealogy test and without any doubt it’s one of the most interesting and useful things to spend money. You can also give DNA origin test as a present because it’s something that will stay with you and your family forever.

Airplane in the sky

Review on Airport Taxi Transfers, Uptransfers

Nowadays we can’t imagine our lives without flying when it comes to holidays, business trips or any long distance travel. It can be fun and exciting but nevertheless it can also be tiring, especially if your flight is in the early morning or late evening and your only cherished thought is to reach your final destination asap. This is when Airport Transfers like Uptransfers comes in handy!

I was traveling back home from Malta to my small but cute town Bruges with my partner and our little baby boy. Our plane was landing in Charleroi Airport near Brussels which is a 2 hour drive away from Bruges. We were arriving in the late evening, that’s why I wanted to avoid any hassle in this small, crowded airport after our 3 hour flight and took to ordering an airport transfer to Brugge. There are various companies, but I had read nice reviews about Uptransfers, who provides Airport Transfers from and to airports around the world so I decided to experience their services.

How to book an Airport Transfer?

First of all it was very easy to book the Airport Transfer to Bruges online. You just need to decide if you need taxi service one or both ways, afterwards from which airport you should be picked up and where it should go. The number of passengers has no influence on the price only on the size of the car. And last but not least the day and time of arrival is doubtlessly also crucial.

The awesome thing is that afterwards you will see the prices, no hidden costs and you can choose the car or maybe bus that suits your taste and budget. In the last few steps you need to fill up some information regarding your flight, your name, mobile number and email address. After confirmation you will receive the email with all transfer details and the rendez-vous point. The payment option in this case is cash to the driver.

Booking Airport Transfer from Charleroi Airport to Bruges on on

Booking Airport Transfer from Charleroi Airport to Bruges on on

Unfortunately our plane had a 1 hour delay, nevertheless our driver was still there waiting for us. We could identify him immediately because he was holding a sign with my name on it. I can articulate myself in three languages but unfortunately not in French and that was the only language the driver spoke but it didn’t bring any confusions. The driver was very polite, professional and helpful with our luggage. There was a very comfortable and clean baby seat prepared in the car for our little boy. The car looked tidy from the outside and inside. Important to mention it smelled good too. Another fact that gets 10 out of 10 points is driver’s competent steering skills: He was not making sudden turns or stops, not speeding on, driving very smoothly and following all the traffic rules. After riding along in taxis in Malta it was a big change and also very considerate of a sleepy baby on board.

We arrived at our destination faster than expected, safely and without any superfluous hassle. Uptransfers provided our journey back home with everything what you would expect from the reliable Airport Transfer to Bruges: a great vehicle, good offer and qualified driver. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to escape the airport mess and chaos and get to their place on time.


The authentic Review of Vegan Skin Care brand Mad Hippie

Mad Hippie skin care

I got to know the great Vegan Organic Skin Care brand Mad Hippie by accident online. Ever since I’m using it and decided to share with you my authentic review about these awesome natural face products.

About organic skin care line Mad Hippie

Mad Hippie is an affordable vegan skin care line that has been founded in Portland, Orego. Since then it has become a must of the skin care routine of many girls and women. Slowly but right it’s also reaching us Europeans. So the facts that make Mad Happie simpatico: The majority of the products are vegan and cruelty free. The philosophy of the company is to create skin care that doesn’t harm the environment and furthermore $1 from every sale is donated to The Wildlife Conservation Network. I would say Mad Hippie is not just vegan & cruelty free skin care but also a life style brand.

Mad Hippie Cosmetic Products

Mad Hippie also believes that the efficiency of the anti-aging creams lays in the secret of combining several ingredients and not just 1 or 2, the way many companies prefer to do nowadays. All in one after getting to know Mad Hippie’s story closer I decided to try them and see how it works.

Mad Hippie Reviews

Mad Hippie Eye Cream Reviews

Mad Hippie Eye Cream

Something so delicate like our eyes needs good and efficient care. It’s also not easy to find a good eye cream that doesn’t cost a fortune. After Mad Hippie eye cream review Now I will definitely stick to this product and I will suggest it to everyone.

My order arrived within a week and I didn’t hesitate to try the products. The Eye Cream has a light creamy consistency that needs a bit of time to absorb but it helps to prevent the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Various ingredients like Vitamine C, B3, E and white tea help to protect your skin from aging. It’s always a personal opinion if you believe in the miraculous help of anti-aging creams but Mad Hippie eye cream doubtlessly hydrates the skin around the eyes and gives the skin some fresh brightness.

Mad Hippie Vitamine A Serum 

Mad Hippie Vitamine A Serum

For those who don’t know serum should be always used in the combination with your moisturizing face cream. The goal of every serum is to stimulate skin cell function. Mad Hippie Vitamine A Serum is a good mix of anti-aging highlights that help to improve, tighten and moisturize the skin. The main goals of these products are wrinkle reduction, firming, exfoliation and discoloration.

In my opinion Vitamin A Serum has a bit of the “typical” smell of a natural product, it’s not bothering though. It needs to be used in the evening skin care routine 10 minutes before applying the main face cream. I could already notice the positive effects after just 2 days of using it. My skin (I have a normal type) started to look limped up, fresh and with less wrinkles around mouth and on the forehead. Nevertheless I’ve mentioned it already before I’ve been using it with Mad Hippie Face Cream.

Natural Face Product: Mad Hippie Face Cream Review

Mad Hippie Face Cream

The Mad Hippie Face Cream includes 13 different actives that promise to hydrate your skin and reduce signs of aging. I like this natural face product, it has a pleasant floral scent and is easy to apply. Mad Hippie Face Cream absorbs very fast and doesn’t leave any greasy feeling on your face. You need only a pearl size amount of cream to use. The after effect of the smooth skin and all-day-long hydrated skin is priceless. It says that it’s applicable to all skin types and with my normal skin type I have no issues when using it. All three products last around 3-4 months. All in one I would recommend to try it too.

Where to buy Mad Hippie Skin Care Products

There are various possibilities to buy vegan and cruelty free skin care products online. You can buy it on their official Mad Hippie Website. But if you live in Europe or you would like to have it a bit cheaper it’s better to get the skin care at like I did. 


Here you can find some more interesting reviews!



Sending luggage with

Sending your luggage upfront of a trip or moving to a new country is an attractive alternative instead of taking your belongings with you. In the end you don’t need to carry it around, run on time to the airport or stand hours in the queue to check in your suitcase so you can just give it into the trustworthy hands of one of the shipping companies.

When I made my decision to move back to Europe from the furthest country on planet Earth, New Zealand, I realized that within a couple of months I’ve collected a good amount of items. It would be complicated to pack it all in one suitcase, furthermore to get rid of it was not an option. This is when I discovered, a worldwide shipping company with the cheapest rates and even student discounts.

It’s very easy to navigate the website, first of all you can get an exact quote on how much would it cost to send your bag from A to B. I needed to send my personal treasures from New Zealand to Belgium, which cost me £310 for a magnanimous 30kg. Therefore the prices depending on the country and weight of the luggage you send. They also accept golf, ski bags and bicycles. Step one, enter your measurement units.

Before you create your account , check rules for every country. There you can find information for the place where you need to send your items. Sometimes there are hidden costs, that you need to pay separately, so read carefully. That happened to me, the local custom authorities wanted to inspect the shipment to confirm the contents and I needed to transfer €42 extra.

After you’ve decided where your luggage is going, you need to complete four steps such as to write your collection and destination address and measurements of the item that you want to send. The great option is you can choose the exact date when it should be picked up!

Last but not least, you will be asked if you want to print your labels or get them delivered for an extra charge. I don’t see any reason why to pay extra money for something that can be easily done at home. You don’t have to be a genius to make sure that the labels are attached to your suitcase. I attached my documents by using a see through file and tape, so the list of the items that are in my suitcase is on one side and the barcode for the DHL courier on the other.

Furthermore you can have free cover for a value of up to £125, if you prefer to increase your insurance automatically it would cost you more as well.


If you want to track your bag every step of the way you can download Send My Bag App and you will receive free tracking push notifications to your smartphone. So it will help you to stay up to date!

Last but not least you need to pay for your order. You will get notifications via email and within 24 hours your order will be accepted so you can complete the customs form information. I needed to upload a picture of my passport and write down a brief packing list.

Unfortunately I was disappointed when I got word that I’m not allowed to send any liquids, cremes or gels. Being a girl and having all kind of cremes is essential.  I’ve sent my suitcase with another company that was more expensive but I was allowed to send all these products. The only rule was they were not allowed to contain alcohol because of the flammability. That’s why I couldn’t justify the statement from the Send My Bag – support team “All liquids, pastes and gels are prohibited on international services”

The collection of the luggage happens between 9am and 6pm, there is no specific time. Nevertheless you can take your bag to work or ask your friend or neighbor to hand over the bag to the courier. Directly after the pick up you will get a notification with the tracking number, so you can follow every step of your precious belongings.

My bag arrived at it’s final destination within 6 days due to a little delay because of the customs inspection. Everything arrived there safe and in one piece. So in my personal opinion is a very trustworthy company. It might give you a bit of a hassle with the unexpected packing restrictions and extra costs, but in the end it still offers the lowest price.





Airline Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is the national airline of (what a surprise) New Zealand with their base in Auckland (Here are tips what you should definitely see if you are in Auckland) It operates on a global network that provides services from as well as within New Zealand to various locations like Australia, the South West Pacific, Asia, North America, South America and the United Kingdom. In 2016 Air New Zealand was crowned best airline in the world for the fourth time in a row. And it has good reasons to be so great! It’s not the cheapest air company but occasuanaly they have great and affordable deals.


Cabin at Air New Zealand

I flew with Air New Zealand within NZ several times and every single time it was a pleasure. The planes offer plenty of space and comfortable, modern seating. Nevertheless it makes sense to offer a magnanimous area for kiwis, they are famous for being more voluptuous.  On the domestic flight we were not provided with screens on every chair but instead there were visual aides that showed a little quiz. I’m sure on the longer flights there are plenty of entertaining features for every guest.

Customer service

I’ve never been disappointed with the customer service while flying with Air New Zealand. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Te efficiency of the flight attendants and the rest of the crew make sure that everything happens promptly.


Snack at the domestic flight

I was positively surprised that Air New Zealand still provides with complimentary drinks and snacks even on short flights. I’m very happy that they still uphold standards from the past and serve great coffee and delicious cookies. Additionally they provide you with delicious candies shortly before landing to relieve the pressure in your ears.

Shipping Suitcase Worldwide with Luggage Forward

Moving abroad with all your favorite, sentimental things in a suitcase might seem to be very stressful and expensive. Carrying all your belongings from A to B is not the best way to enjoy the holidays. Furthermore most of the airlines are starting to charge for checking your luggage in and sometimes prices can be ridiculous. Shipping suitcases can avoid the head and muscle aches.

This is what happened to me, after living for a while in New Zealand and realizing that it’s not my favourite place to stay I decided to relocate my home back to Europe. Nevertheless I planned to make a stop in the Maldives to gather some vitamin D and Sea after the cold weather in Hobbit land. As I already mentioned taking all your clothes to a paradise destination can cause a burdensome experience and empty your bank account in one click.

So I decided to ship my beloved 20+ kgs of stuff back to Germany first. I found Luggage Forward on the internet and felt comfortable and secure with sending my suitcase with them. The website is very easy to navigate: Already on the first page you can see the costs of your door to door delivery. Prices depend on the size and type of the luggage, you can even send your bicycle case! The distance and the speed of service that you select also plays significant role. I chose the standard bag 23kg for $679 and will be delivered within 5 days.

You need to create your account, it takes just 10 minutes. This will also help you to track your suitcase and follow every step. I’m the one who asks a lot of questions so I contacted [email protected] and a very friendly consultant helped me with all my questions within 12 hours! Important to mention that you definitely need to have a valid passport and detailed list of items packed in the suitcase.

I would suggest to plan sending your luggage at least 2 weeks in advance and not just one week like me. The company still needs time to send you tags for the bag, which will come separately one week after you confirmed your pick up. I almost missed my tags because the courier thought that no one was at home and left a note that he will bring it on the next day but my bag needed to be picked up on the same day. So in the end both, the delivery and pick up men, arrived seconds apart from each other. The pick up is by the way between 1-3pm. Nevertheless it’s amazing when your bag is collected from your home, so you don’t need to worry about tiring shlepping, overweight or waiting lines at the check in at the airport! Moreover you know that it will arrive safe within the next 5-7 days at your other home without getting lost or damaged.

I sent my luggage to Germany to my mum’s address and unfortunately Germans are famous for controlling everything. Important to mention Germany is one of the few countries that requires passport and baggage content specifics, most of the destinations allow allow simple pickup & delivery with very little documentation. My mum received a letter in a written in a terrifying way that they have my luggage and they need more information about me like the exact reason of sending it, if I’m moving back to Germany, the reason why and proof for it plus exact details what’s inside. If they won’t get information within the few days they will send the suitcase back and I will need to carry the costs. The curious fact is the info was already included. Germans are just famous for their bureaucracy that always makes myself and I know the whole country panic. I contacted Luggage Forward and they replied within a few hours despite the time difference that there is no reason to worry, they will take care of everything. And they did! So thanks to the Luggage Forward – Team for their support!

All in one I can say that Luggage Forward is an attractive alternative to travel light. It might seem pricy but what you gain in convenience and reliability is definitely worth paying a few extra dollars. And isn’t it great to travel light knowing that all your precious belongings are safely waiting for you at your next destination?


Jetstar is a low-cost Australian airline which is based in Melbourne. It’s a part of Qantas Airways allowing you to have various flights within Australasia. It means the airline provides domestic and international services.

There are different experiences with Jetstar, I had a good one though. I had a domestic flight from Auckland to Wellington in New Zealand and was satisfied with the service and comfort in economy class. My advice, be sure to include your luggage when you book a ticket. Additionally you will get a selection of meals or snacks even on the short distance flights.


Seats of Jetstar

Seats in one of the Jetstar’s plane

The inner area of the plane is spacious and the seats were comfortable and very wide in comparison to Asian and even European airlines. The dark colours of the interior were not very appealing but I could handle it on my 1 hour flight. You can also book extra legroom seats, which in my opinion is ridiculous. Everyone should get a sufficient amount of leg space and be treated with dignity.

Customer service

Jetstar staff

Jetstar staff

We were welcomed onboard by the friendly smiles of the flight attendants. Inflight service was offering various drinks and snacks for an acceptable expense, considering the usual airline prices. Nevertheless I have heard some negative experiences with the Australian branch of Jetstar.


There are no entertainment options facilitated on the short distance flights. If you are planing to have a longer flight you are able to pre-purchase some inflight time-killers, which includes movies, TV, games and music. That should be done directly while booking a ticket, so no spontaneous decisions.


Bacon and cheese toasty

Bacon and cheese toasty

On our flight we had a decent-sized bacon and cheese toasty and a beef pie. On top of that we could choose a drink. The taste of the food was alright, we couldn’t complain. So all in one everything was fine.

Beef pie

Beef pie

Here you will find more air line reviews that are popular in Australia.

Sri Lankan Airlines

I experienced Sri Lankan Airlines on my way to Colombo, Sri Lanka from Frankfurt Airport, Germany. I’ve never flown with this low cost airline company before, that’s why I was suspicious. My doubts started to fade a bit when I saw the stewardesses pass me by towards the gate in their beautiful Sri Lankan dresses in bright peacock colours as their uniform. Check-in and boarding all went very smoothly and before I knew it I was on the airplane.

Cabin of Sri Lankan Airlines

I was flying in the 2-4-2 seated airplane mainly decorated with eye-catching turquoise colours. Every seat had a screen with different forms of entertainment. The legroom was manageable but could be more spacious, especially when you are flying long distance. Nevertheless everything was tidy and everyone was provided with blankets, headsets and pillows.

Customer service of Sri Lankan Airlines

The staff was amazing: very friendly and helpful. Me and my partner landed in the middle section, but we hoped that there would be space in the 2-seated aisle next to the window. We asked one of the attendants if there were seats available for us. Unfortunately there were no spare seats, so she asked a lonely traveler to switch places with us. He didn’t mind and we were happy to spend the following 10 hours with just the 2 of us.


As I already mentioned there was a screen for every passenger, on which you could choose from numerous entertaining programs, satisfying anyone’s taste. There were various movies old and new, fun little games and puzzles, music, documentaries and you can even see through the pilots eyes and the airplane’s belly with the help of installed cameras.

Food on the airplane

There was plenty of food and drinks available during the entire flight. You were able to take your pick from a wide spectrum of non-alcoholic and alcoholic liquids. We were served with 2 main courses of Sri Lankan cuisine, which were surprisingly fulfilling and very delicious.

Sri Lankan Airlines

Airline Air Asia

Air Asia airline is the cheapest flight company that you can use within the Asia Pacific. It’s great to use for  short distances around 5 hours but for longer flights it’s not worth saving money over. As I already mentioned Air Asia offers low price flights, that’s why you shouldn’t expect too much comfort or amazing service.

Cabin of Air Asia airline

The inside of the plane has a grey and red colour scheme which is not the most appealing colour combination. It’s equipped with the most basic of airline comfort, there are no measures of entertainment provided. The seats are pretty soft but when they are in the upright position it feels unnatural, as if you’re being pushed by a plank of wood. Still you have enough space for your feet.

Air Asia, cabin

The cleanliness of the airplane will be a surprise every time you fly with Air Asia. The seats are old and dirty, tray tables can still contain stains.

Customer service of Air Asia airline

If you travel with the larger luggage don’t forget to add the weight to your ticket, otherwise it can be very pricy. Very important to know the exact weight that you are allowed to take, if you have more than you’re supposed to take you will have two options left: To take some clothes out of your suitcase and carry it as a hand luggage or pay a crazy amount of money. The Air Asia personal is afraid to do anything wrong because otherwise they need to pay a fine.

Air Asia, flight attendants

The flight attendants are very friendly and polite, nevertheless the service is not professional and very chaotic. You need to pay for everything on the plane, at least you prebook extra weight for you luggage, that also includes a meal with water. The company even tries to prohibit you from bringing your own food on board.

Food on the Airplane

Air Asia, food

Air Asia offers various snacks and drinks for an affordable price on the plane. The coffee is actually better then most I’ve drunk during any other flights. The main courses are edible but it’s not deluxe kitchen. Let’s say it will calm down your hunger for the next couple of hours.

cheap travel by bus in europe

Cheap travel by bus in Europe

Traveling nowadays has reached a revolution, people are changing their destinations more than ever before. The reason for that is the flexible timetables, various ways to travel and surprisingly low costs. The easiest way to reach multiple destinations in Europe is doubtlessly by train, but unfortunately train companies are not travel friendly because most of the time they ask for ridiculously high prices. So if you are willing to explore Europe by road but you are on a tight budget or you just prefer to spend your money smart, then traveling by bus will be a great option for you. For spontaneous travelers here is a list of the main bus-lines with their good and bad sides.


Eurolines is one of the biggest and cheapest bus line networks in Europe. It provides it’s customers with an extensive network across Europe, 29 different countries to all major European cities. Unfortunately there is no big variety in departure times.

It’s possible to book a ride just a couple of hours before but you definitely need to print out your ticket, which are are by the way not refundable. If you travel to another country within Europe, you should always be prepared to show your passport or ID. You are free to take two medium sized suitcases, which will be stored in the cargo hold. The friendly drivers will help you, but it’s not always the case that they can speak the local language or English.

As I already mentioned Eurolines is the cheapest bus company, so automatically you should know that it attracts specific clientele. On the tickets it always says you should be at the bus station 1h before, this is not true. You can just come 10 minutes before, furthermore Eurolines are often late. That’s why if you planned to have a 5h ride, anticipate to arrive minimum 1h later. Sometimes it can happen that the bus tour was canceled or there is no seat available, regardless of you buying a ticket already, and you won’t be informed concerning said changes.

The inside of the bus is fine, the seats are pretty hard but it’s ok for a journey of max. 5-6 h. It has toilet facilities that can sometimes give of an odor to the whole bus. On the website it says that the company provides it’s customers with Wi-Fi. Unfortunately I’ve experienced it only once out of a couple of times. Moreover it didn’t work properly.


Flixbus is a affordable and reliable bus line from Germany. As we all know Germans are famous for their affinity for punctuality, so this transport will pick you up and bring to your chosen destination mostly on time. At the moment the company is overtaking all other bus networks, smartly building a monopoly. But it’s fine because they offer a good service for expectable costs. The question is only for how long.

If you are traveling with Flixbus, you can be extremely spontaneous, because you can quickly buy tickets online or even from the driver. If you’ve decided to cancel your trip, you can use the spent money for your next journey. Departure times and routes have a wide range. But this is not the only one benefit of traveling with this company, they also offer clean, comfortable and spacious seats, plug sockets, which is very useful to charge your phone or laptop and Wi-Fi, which is not so bad but it works only in Germany. I had the situation a couple of times that we didn’t have any internet on the bus, so people needed to talk to each other instead of staring on the screen.

Flixbus is very popular in Europe, especially in Germany, it means it can be full with travelers. It’s better to come 15 minutes before departure, so you will have enough time to put your luggage into the hold and find the perfect seat for you. The quality and the duration of the ride depends on the driver. Some of them don’t care about punctuality, take breaks longer than they are allowed and can even smoke in the bus.


Megabus used to be an English low price competitor of Flixbus. So the German bus company decided to acquire it. The same has happened to German colleague Postbus, now they are also part of the Flixbus corporation. This means that they have equal quality and prices.


Before you decide to travel by bus you should think what is more important for you: time, costs or comfort. If you need around 5 hours to get to your destination, then you can really go low in price. This period of traveling is convenient to spend your time in a low budget bus.

In my opinion for longer journeys it is better to spend a bit more money and have a comfortable and relaxing trip. Just think about it, when you arrive you want to enjoy the city and if the journey was horrendous  you will be exhausted and moody.

The best way to search for the cheap bus tickets is to use busliniensuche website. Unfortunately it’s in only in German, again it’s the German mentality to keep everything in their own language, but it’s easy to operate. Another alternative to find the best way to get to your dream destination is GoEuro. It’s similar to the first searching tool but it translated in 12 different languages. Additionally it displays Europe’s excellent rail, bus and air travel.

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